Saturday, August 15, 2009

Newton Peripherals offers owners notebook first mouse with «holsters»

To maintain the compactness of miniature mobile computers and their peripheral devices is desirable to complete a reduced size. For example, companies with good notebook will look thin optical drive or tuner Behold TV Wander

Company Newton Peripherals, a year ago released Bluetooth-manipulator MoGo Presenter Mouse PC, submitted to notebook mouse MoGo Mouse for Notebooks.

The device is completed with a thickness of 5 mm adapter Bluetooth 2.0 EDR connection with a range of 10 meters, stiff «holsters», which is attached to the computer, and cable for charging batteries. One battery is enough for 8-10 hours. At full charge should be half an hour. As shown in the pictures, binding, used for transportation mice, almost does not increase the thickness of notebook.

Dimensions mice are 78 x 54 x 5 mm, weight is 14 g. In the company's online store set notebook costs $ 99.