Sunday, August 30, 2009

Apacer developed a «gold» memory - SO-DIMM series Golden

Company Apacer Technology introduces the next generation of memory modules SO-DIMM series Golden. Novelty has an exclusive design and is equipped with a fine spray with a temperature sensor. The presence of the sensor to prevent overheating of the chips, resulting in better performance laptops.

Due to the mass popularization, laptops for high-end have spread not only in offices and homes, they have become used to modern games. Thus arose the problem of rapidly dissipate heat from the module, with which new, says Apacer, copes. Distinctive feature of the new modules is aluminum glossy surface with a thin (0.3 mm) gold plating, sowing warm. In the case of raising the temperature of memory modules, is activated heat dissipation, aimed at preventing overheating chip memory module. This feature improves the stability of the notebook.

In addition to notebook memory modules Apacer SO-DIMM compatible with notebooks, AIO and SFF-systems.

Line modules of the eight options that meets the needs of different users and different in frequency (from DDR2-667/800 MHz to DDR3-1066/1333 MHz) and capacity (1 or 2 GB).