Thursday, August 20, 2009

AMD has released a desktop processor with the highest in the world of clock frequency

The company AMD announced today the release of Quad processor for desktop PCs with the highest clock rate in the world - CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition. As an integral part of the platform Dragon, this new processor runs at 3.4 GHz, has a great performance, supports high-speed DDR3 memory technology and the AMD OverDrive 3.0, providing a level of performance PC enthusiasts at a price affordable for economical users.

Since its release in January, 2009 platform technologies Dragon provides high performance at attractive prices. With unlocked multiplier bar and backward compatibility with the memory type DDR2, CPU AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition gives you more for a lesser price. This new processor is recommended by the producer price of retail sales at U.S. $ 245, so that users who prefer to processors from other manufacturers could pay more for the same or lower productivity.

On this platform, the company combines its AMD CPU is the fastest and most powerful graphics processors, providing the following features:

* Record-breaking;
* ON to adjust the performance AMD OverDrive 3.0;
* Support for high-speed memory DDR3;
* Planned support for the latest DirectX 11 games;
* Feature AMD Black Edition Memory Profiles to create their own profiles for overclocking memory;
* Cool'n'Quiet 3.0 technology to improve energy efficiency and reducing heat and noise of your PC.