Friday, July 17, 2009

Transcend increases speed CompactFlash memory cards to 600X

Very fast memory cards, has decided to please enthusiasts of digital photography, whose medium format camera support CompactFlash, a company Transcend. The stated speed of the reading patterns of Extreme Plus 600X CompactFlash is 92 MB / s, write - 87 MB / sec.

By the features of the new memory cards include the use of technology Turbo MLC and support four mode Ultra DMA (UDMA) 6, which allowed new carriers by half to beat on speed card 300X CF. High speed recording enhances the series of shooting and shooting video, and high speed reading speed up the transfer of material captured on a PC.

In the maps of the mechanism of detection and error correction (ECC), as well as the complex load equalization algorithm that increases the service life of cards. The manufacturer provides the product lifetime warranty.

Memory Cards Transcend Extreme Plus 600X CompactFlash is available in two versions of the volume: 8 and 16 GB.