Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thermaltake is preparing a series of CPU cooler for Intel LGA-1156

Thermaltake Company prepares to release a series of devices for air-cooled processor Intel, which are designed for installation into the LGA1156, including model and Silent.

The new CPU-cooler Silent 1156 is designed as reported specifically for these processors. Declaring that the installation process is simple and convenient by «mechanism push-in» - the manufacturer says that no tools for installation is not required.

Cooler is equipped with 90-mm fan with PWM-control, which has a speed of 800 to 1700 rpm. The rapid dissipation of heat from the processor should help the two 8-mm heat pipes made of copper. The radiator is made of aluminum.

Cooler Thermaltake Silent 1156, and with it an updated model of the series SpinQ and ISGC should reach the market in August.