Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thermalright will not overheat the voltage regulators on board Radeon HD 4890 and 4870

One of the main sources of heat in the 3D-maps, along with the GPU and memory chips are power elements of food chains - Voltage Regulators (VRM). Good cooling of these components can be regarded as the key to sustainability board.

According to the source, the company Thermalright is preparing to release two cooler, specially designed to cool the VRM, installed on the 3D-card Radeon HD 4890 and 4870.

In the design of cooler VRM R1 and VRM R2 includes copper base and heat pipes for rapid heat from the voltage regulator to the heater. If the cooling flow from the fans is not enough, on top of the radiator, you can put your own 80-mm fan. Models vary in size, but weigh the same - at 160 grams. Dimensions VRM R1 concluded «formula» 122 x 106 x 100,25 mm, the size of VRM R2 can be found in the expression of 133 x 53 x 120 mm.

New items can be used in conjunction with the cooler HR-03 Rev.A, HR-03 GT, GT V2, T-Rad2 and T-Rad2 GTX. Data on the price yet, but it is known that the sale of VRM R1 and VRM R2 start in the coming weeks.