Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Samsung equips miniature hard drive with built-USB interface

Near the other components on the PCB HDD Spinpoint N3U size 1.8-inch production of Samsung Electronics is located controller USB 2.0. Such an arrangement would reduce the size of external drive, and believe in the company because they did not have to add a separate charge controller, which turns in the PATA interface is USB, and their support elements - the food chain, fasteners, connectors.

The lack of extra connectors, however, gives a gain in credibility, because they are a potential source of disruptions due to the breach of contact. In addition, the integration of controller, a positive impact on energy consumption and productivity.

The new model Spinpoint N3U has two plates, each of which is placed on the 125 GB of data, which corresponds to the total volume of 250 GB hard drive. Spinpoint N3U line also includes models of the volume of 120, 160 and 200 GB. Spindle speed is 3600 rpm. Drives are equipped with 8 MB cache. Home deliveries are scheduled for mid-July. Recommended retail price by the hard drive of 250 GB is $ 199.

Source: http://www.samsung.com/