Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Patriot goes his own way in improving the speed of SSD

Recently, news has become a hero of our company OCZ Technology, the enhanced performance of SSD Vertex Turbo Edition, by increasing the clock frequency of the cache memory from 166 to 180 MHz. The amount of cache memory and the left is equal to 64 MB.

Another approach is chosen Patriot Memory - in the newly submitted SSD series Torqx M28 volume cache increased to 128 MB. According to the manufacturer, the result has been to increase the speed of exchange between the controller and device. A modern new HDD wins on access time, power consumption and reliability. To convince buyers of the reliability of SSD Torqx M28, the company increased the warranty period from two to ten years. Allegedly, this is the maximum guarantee period for the industry for such products.

In the series includes two models - the volume of 128 and 256 GB. They are equipped with interface SATA I / II. Claimed maximum speed is a consistent reading of 220 MB / sec. In the recording mode, drives are capable of speeds of 200 MB / sec. Power consumption does not exceed 1.2 Watt.

Dimensions of drives are equal to 99,88 x 69,63 x 9,3 mm, weight is 91 g. The set includes SSD fastening clamp that enables the installation of 3.5-inch seats.