Monday, June 1, 2009

Zotac preparing a pair of miniature motherboards for the platform NVIDIA ION

The first and still the only PC platform NVIDIA ION, as is known, has become a nettop Acer AspireRevo, whose release was announced about two weeks ago.

It seems that AspireRevo will be the soloist not for long in the category. According to a source, company Zotac lately pleasing of the admirers with interesting 3D-cards, prepares for release at once two system payments on sheaf Intel Atom and NVIDIA ION.

Boards IONITX-AU and IONITX-BE size Mini-ITX will be equipped with dual-core processor Atom N330 and Atom N230 single, respectively. Both products are made on the MCP79 chipset with integrated GeForce 9400 graphics processor supporting technology PureVideo HD, CUDA and PhysX.

In equipping board interfaces include HDMI, DVI and VGA (D-Sub), two slots for memory DDR2-667/800, Adapter Wi-Fi. Connecting external devices and systems provide expansion ports USB (10 pieces), slot miniPCI-Express, three SATA ports and one eSATA. As shown in the picture, the processor and chipset with passive cooling - the total aluminum radiator covers the visible portion of the card.

First Boards Zotac IONITX-AU and IONITX-BE will appear in the Japanese market, where they set the price equal to $ 300 and $ 200 respectively.