Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Storage Appliance automates backup using the devices Clickfree

The brand Clickfree Storage Appliance Company has submitted the device to backup information, targeted to owners of mobile PCs.

Model Clickfree DVD Transformer (top picture), valued at $ 40 manufacturer, relies on the use of an optical drive that is configured PC. It is necessary to connect the device to the port USB, it automatically runs the program, search for files to be backed up (documents, pictures, sound recordings, videos, etc.). After that, the user only has to insert a blank disc into the optical drive to start the backup. Transformer does not require installing any additional software.

Model Clickfree Traveler, shown at the bottom picture, is also designed to connect to the port of USB, but stores the information in its own flash memory. It determines the amount of the price of the device. During the modification with 16 GB of memory you need to be willing to pay $ 80, changed the volume of 32 GB will cost the buyer of $ 150, but the most capacious version of 64 GB - $ 250 value. One device can «service» multiple PCs.

Source: http://www.goclickfree.com/