Monday, June 8, 2009

Pillow Belkin enhance comfort for using laptop

Last year, Belkin introduced four new items in the assortment of accessories for notebooks in July, and this year enhancements for mobile PCs, some companies and Belkin International including begun to present before the arrival of the heat.

The new accessory - CushDesk, pillow, which is closer to the fly does not need to be able to warm their feet from the hot bottom of laptop. CushDesk has a sloping surface in order to angle the screen on your laptop when it is placed on his knees, would be the best and the laptop under the weight of its lid, folded out far earlier, would not outweigh the lower part.

This stand for notebooks is designed for use with models of PC and MAC, with up to 17 diagonal screen. "The cost of the device is $ 29,99. CushDesk offered in several colors.