Sunday, June 21, 2009

PhotoFast manufactures flash memory cards CF Type I with the speed of the 533X

The range of PhotoFast, specializing in the production of storage on flash memory, a new model of a sample of CF Type I, which is designed to work together with the DSLR-cameras-class high-end.

The new product meets the requirements of CompactFlash 4.1 and is comparable in speed with the company announced its analogues A-DATA, which we have spoken today.

The stated speed of the new items PhotoFast - 533H. This is slightly lower than the advertised 600H at A-DATA, but the product PhotoFast released already identified by high-speed device performance in terms of more usual MB / sec. Speed reading with a capacity of 32 GB card is 80 MB / s, write on it - up to 40 MB / sec. Interface - ATA CompactFlash (mode Ultra DMA 0-6). Also, product support hardware error correction ECC.