Monday, June 15, 2009

PEGATRON Ultra Slim Atom NetTop - half-liter nettop on the logic of SiS

Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) announced that its SiS672/96/307DV chipsets have been selected by PEGATRON as a system of logic for the construction of ultrathin computer class NetTop based upon the Intel Atom 230.

Platform PEGATRON Ultra Slim Atom NetTop, according to the manufacturer, «demonstrating its uniqueness in the aesthetics of design and practical features to work more effectively with the media in order to ensure a high quality visual entertainment». In addition as a solution for use as a home entertainment PC, the manufacturer positions PEGATRON Ultra Slim Atom NetTop, as a product for widespread use in medicine, finance and education programs.

One of the features of the solution is compact - nettop refers to «class» computer volume up to 1 liter - the computer has a total volume of 0.5 liters.

Nettop for SiS672/968 chipset and processor Atom 230 supports the work of memory DDR2-667 of up to 2 GB and has built a module to connect Wi-Fi, equipped with graphics, SiS Mirage3, built-in chipset and supports SiS Real Video Technology, which should improve image quality and speed up work with HD-content.

In addition to the small size nettop SiS can boast low power consumption - only 22 Watts. By the same platform conceived and executed as a completely silent due to the absence of fans for cooling. A computer equipped with interface PCI Express x1, supports the connection of the HDD and SSD drives for Serial ATA2, and has six ports tire USB2.0.