Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oracle bought the Sun, to sell?

«Blue giant» will have to live with the fact that one of its main competitors drew him under the nose of the desired purchase, but analysts believe that IBM would benefit from such developments.

Remember, the news of the agreement between Oracle and Sun came shortly after talks between Sun and IBM have failed.

The company missed an opportunity to buy IBM Developer Platform Java, is widely used in software, IBM. Meanwhile, experts insist that IBM has no cause for concern.

«IBM perfectly without cost Sun up to now, and as largely integrated company, it will continue to do so - the source quoted the words of Christopher Arc (Doug Christopher), an analyst with Crowell, Weedon & Co. - In my opinion, this event is not significant for IBM ».

In fact, the failure of the deal between Sun and IBM is vulnerable interests of the latter, because the acquisition would strengthen its position compared to competitors such as Microsoft and Oracle. The company IBM, which has never acknowledged the existence of the negotiations, declined to comment on a deal between Oracle and Sun.

However, another analyst, Phil Hochmuth from Yankee Group, the second word by Christopher Arc: «Sun, goes to a competitor, this is what they [IBM] have to deal with, but definitely this is not a critical factor».

Dangerous step would be to make a decision Oracle software, developed by Sun, closed. In this case, IBM would have to pay for its use or develop its own similar product. However, according to experts, this step is very unlikely.

Interestingly, in this situation is for IBM and a certain win.

The thing is, now that Oracle will have to deal with problematic business for the production of Sun servers. Unlike IBM, Oracle is the only software company and has no experience with hardware. IBM's still waiting to see how we will act competitor. Some observers tended to the fact that Oracle is in finance, to pull Sun out of the swamp, others are convinced that the only way for Oracle - the sale of this business.