Thursday, June 18, 2009

OCZ MSI and promote Power eSATA for fast SSD for the example of their products

Even at the end of last year OCZ Technology introduced Throttle - fast «flash» with eSATA interface and nutritional bus USB. Nevertheless, even if the product is interesting, and its performance, this option connect to and use of a rather inconvenient due to the «excessive» power cord.

OCZ and MSI have reported that their bundle of products works very well as a pair. High-speed devices SSD OCZ Throttle eSATA, do not require cumbersome connections uncomfortable with the use of the power cable and a new board MSI.

The company MSI, allegedly first introduced on the market such a system board, which allows it - Model MSI 790FX-GD70, designed to work with processors AMD Socket AM3.

Flash Drives OCZ Throttle eSATA, you can connect to it without a power cord. This motherboard is equipped with a port Power eSATA, which provides the connection of SSD and its food.

Remember, when working on the interface of eSATA, these SSD can give up to 90 MB / s reading and 30 MB / s when writing. Available capacity options: 8, 16 and 32 GB.

Not only to users of desktop PCs will be able to easily use the speed advantages of «flash» OCZ Throttle eSATA. MSI has produced a series of gaming notebooks, which will also be equipped with port Power eSATA. This model of notebooks, which are listed in the illustration above. Mobile PCs will also be of interest that have a screen with a 16:9 ratio of the parties, Turbo button for rapid gains in productivity and technology, Cinema Pro.