Thursday, June 18, 2009

Galaxy prepared a new version of 3D-card GeForce GTS 250

In anticipation of GPU NVIDIA, issued under the rules of 40 nm, the company developed the Galaxy a new version of the accelerator GeForce GTS 250, based on 55-nanometer GPU G92b with 128 stream processors.

On the board installed 512 MB of memory GDDR3. By the features of the product may also include 256-bit memory bus, Dual BIOS, the availability of output D-sub, DVI and HDMI.

Frequencies of GPU, shader and memory are equal to the staffing values - 738, 1836 and 2200 MHz. However, memory access time of 0.8 ms opens the possibility of increasing the frequency of the memory to 2600 MHz, which, according to the source, provides a performance improvement of 7%. Price of new 3D-cards have not yet been named.