Friday, June 5, 2009

First look at the motherboard DFI LANParty UT P55

The source continues to shed light on plans for the issuance of DFI motherboards. Allegedly, the development is still a novelty called LANParty UT P55, which has several interesting features.

For cooling DFI chipset cooler chose Flame Freezer. In power circuits boards used scheme «digital PWM».

On board there is a slot for flash memory module.

And on the board with input / output connectors settled port mini USB.

What would be a slot for flash memory? According to a source, DFI is not yet revealing all the cards, but hints that this feature is linked to the BIOS and be the breakthrough technology of motherboards. Details will be disclosed at the Computex Taipei 2009, where the company will officially present DFI LANParty UT P55.

Most likely, this is a technology Braidwood, is an updated Intel Turbo Memory.