Monday, June 15, 2009

Developers DDRdrive X1 surpassed «the fastest SSD», combining the advantages of DRAM and NAND

Solid state drives based on flash memory cards have many advantages, but not without flaws. In particular, the performance of flash-type NAND can become a bottleneck even the most high-performance system. To circumvent this shortcoming, engineers DDRdrive combined in one product dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and flash-type NAND. Form a solid-state drive DDRdrive X1, made in the form of expansion cards with the interface PCI Express x1.

Reservoir is equipped with 4 GB of memory-type DRAM (four standard module volume by 1 GB each) and 4 GB of memory type NAND. The company estimates that the device is up to 300,000 input / output operations per second (IOPS) on the reading mode and 200,000 IOPS in the recording mode. These figures are for 2000% superior performance of conventional high-speed SSD, such as the Intel X25-E, and better than even the «very quickly» solid drive Fusion-io ioDrive Duo, released last month. Claimed to read and write speed of greater than 215, and 155 MB / s, respectively (For the sake of justice - there DDRdrive X1 yields not only ioDrive Duo, and Intel X25-E). Several drives can be included in the configuration of RAID 1, 0 or 5.

What's more novelty «superior» Intel X25-E, is the price, especially given the recent decline in the price of SSD Intel. If the Intel X25-E level of 32 GB is $ 390, the manufacturer DDRdrive X1 appreciated to $ 1495.