Sunday, June 21, 2009

A-DATA show at Computex 2009 «ultrafast memory» SSD and CF

A-DATA Technology, one of the manufacturers of flash memory and the memory type of DRAM, will display at Computex 2009, which begins the second of June in Taipei, the new high-performance memory modules and, as stated, the world's fastest flash memory card standard CompactFlash (CF) as well as portable hard drives and «USB-flash».

At Computex 2009 will be presented by the memory relating to a series of XPG Overclocking. This class will be the memory modules DDR3, which operate at frequencies of 1866 and 2133 MHz.

T906 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Flash Drive

Visitors will be able to see and SSD-device for release by A-DATA recently launched, - A-DATA X25-M SSD, licensed product Intel. In the series of XPG SX94 and S592 will be presented to the model SSD with capacity up to 512 GB Interface SATA II, high-performance devices, capable of reaching speeds of 230 and 170 MB / s when reading / writing.

By ultrafast card flash memory product line include CompactFlash (CF) CF600X, device capacity 32 GB and a speed of 600h.

The theme Disney characters, followed by T806 Kissing Octopus Couple Flash Drive, continue to model T906 USB Flash Drive. Also on the list get portable hard drives - NH92 model and SH93.