Sunday, June 28, 2009

Seagate increases portable HDD FreeAgent Go up to 640 GB

The family of portable HDD Seagate FreeAgent Go, is fully updated in September last year, added to the model the volume of 640 GB.

Size 2.5-inch drive, 640 GB volume has become the flagship line of FreeAgent Go, succeeding in this role model is 500 GB. New housing is available in silver titanium (ST906403FGA2E1-RK) or black (ST906403FAA2E1-RK) colors. Its geometric dimensions, as with other models of the family, equal to 12,5 x 80 x 130 mm. Weight storage is 160 grams. To connect to a PC using an interface USB 2.0. The kit contains a bag for carrying, made of leather substitute black color.

Manufacturer provides a five-year warranty on the device. Data on the price of a miniature external HDD yet.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Notebook Sony VAIO NW supports Blu-ray

A new model of VAIO family of laptops is a combination of unusually low prices for the products of Sony, with an impressive configuration. Judge for yourself: priced at $ 880 manufacturer of mobile computer with a thickness of 3 cm WXGA-display (1366 x 768 pixels) size of 15.5 inches (39 cm) diagonally provides viewing video on the Blu-ray Discs and connect an external monitor via HDMI.

In the configuration of VAIO NW includes processor Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 (2 GHz), 4 GB RAM DDR2, 3D-accelerator ATI Mobility Radeon HD4570 with 512 MB of RAM, 400 GB hard drive, optical drive 4x BD-ROM, web-camera and Wireless Adapter Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n. A laptop equipped with a VGA connector, and HDMI, card slots for SD, Memory Stick Pro, and ExpressCard.

Power PC provides a lithium-ion battery standard (the duration of the offline work - hour and a half) or increased (five and a half hours) of capacity.

Home sales scheduled for the end of June (dates and prices are for overseas markets, the data for the Russian market yet). New product will be available in several configurations, and color.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Announced the mouse to notebook Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000

According to the source, Microsoft announced release of a wireless mouse, Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000, which uses technology BlueTrack. Features of the new robot, such as compact size, wireless connectivity and the availability of several color options to design, due to focus on the use in conjunction with notebook.

The device is completed with the wireless adapter, through which the mouse works with PCs over the air at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. With the miniature adapter connected to port USB, it can keep the plug in most of the time. If necessary, the adapter can also be placed in a special niche in the body of the mouse. Such a solution used in the manipulator Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000, debuted a month ago. Range Adapter is five meters. The mouse has four programmable buttons and tilt scroll wheel. For power devices, is compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7, will be one element of AA, which should suffice for 10 months. Home Sales Wireless Mobile Mouse 4000 is scheduled for August. Price new items is $ 39.95.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Scythe presented several series of BP Kamariki 4 with efficiency 80%

Company Scythe, better known as a producer of air-cooling devices, has developed and presented a series of power supplies Kamariki 4, which were first shown in Hanover at CeBit.

In the series includes models with an efficiency of 80%:

* KMRK4-450A - Kamariki 4 450 W Power Supply
* KMRK4-550A - Kamariki 4 550 W Power Supply
* KMRK4-650A - Kamariki 4 650 W Power Supply

These devices are supplied with fans as their own development - Scythe Kaze Jyu 100, having a diameter of 100 mm. Depending on the model of noise from the fan is in the 20.7 - 25.6 dBA.

Connectors from the model are: (450 W) - 1 x ATX Main, 1 x EPS 12V, 1 x PCI-Express, 2 Floppy, 6 x Drives (4-pin Molex), 6 x Serial ATA, 3 x Fan; (550 W and 650 W) - 1 x ATX Main, 1 x EPS 12V, 1 x PCI-Express, 2 Floppy, 6 x Drives (4-pin Molex), 8 x Serial ATA, 3 x Fan.

Dimensions BP is 150 × 160 × 86 mm, weight - 2,2 kg. All models are protected from BP BB, overvoltage and overload current.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Auzentech releases the front panel for sound cards X-Fi Titanium I / O Drive

Auzentech Company announced the start of sales at its online store product called X-Fi Titanium I / O Drive. Novelty is a panel with the connectors connected to the sound card and installed into a free bay for the drive that goes to the front wall of building a PC.

In the X-Fi Titanium I / O Drive connector is for headphones and microphone, and key management sound card. The construction volume is executed in a manner that the handle can be recessed into the panel (this is necessary if the panel is behind door hull PC). The panel can be installed in a compartment for the device size 3.5 or 5.25 inches. In the second case, the game enters coupler with additional stereo input jack type RCA.

Manufacturer is the company Creative Labs. New product is compatible with a sound card Auzentech X-Fi Forte (a set of charts and bar costs $ 200), planned for release shortly Card Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD and a number of sound cards production Creative.

In a self-product X-Fi Titanium I / O Drive costs $ 80.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MSI announces first superthin notebook platform Intel CULV

As expected, the company MSI has published plans for the release of new models of notebooks series X-Slim. Model X-Slim X400, equipped with 14-inch screen, and model X-Slim X600 15-inch screen will be issued in the current quarter.

According to the manufacturer, in its categories of X-Slim X600 (upper picture) and X400 (bottom picture) are characterized by record-low birth weight and thickness. Notebook X-Slim X400 weighs 1.5 kg and the X-Slim X600 - 2,1 kg. The thickness of the notebook does not exceed 25 mm. Both computers are equipped with wide display (16:9 aspect ratio) with LED backlight. In the computer equipment includes the usual means of input-output. In the configuration model X600 is a discrete graphics card.

MSI will offer Optional battery for X400 laptops and X340, have already shown at the exhibition CeBIT 2009, and battery for X600. Ultra mobile PCs X-Slim does not have built-optical drives, but they can be staffed with external drives.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Fujitsu has created the world's fastest CPU (updated)

Professionals Fujitsu was able to create the fastest in the world's central processing unit capable of perform 128 billion calculations per second, the source. It is assumed that the processor has received the designation Venus SPARC64 VIIIfx, will enable Fujitsu to circumvent its main competitors - Intel and IBM - to regain the title and creator of the productive CPU, lost in 1999.

It is estimated, Venus SPARC64 VIIIfx ahead of the fastest processor Intel (Xeon 5500 the kernel Nehalem) approximately 2.5 times. By applying improved production methods, Fujitsu was able to place a crystal of eight cores. At the same time, managed to reduce energy consumption - for this indicator Venus is substantially outweighed by their predecessors.

Tens of thousands of copies of the new processor supercomputer could become the basis of new generation, created in Japan. Writing the system in operation is expected in 2010.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

PhotoFast manufactures flash memory cards CF Type I with the speed of the 533X

The range of PhotoFast, specializing in the production of storage on flash memory, a new model of a sample of CF Type I, which is designed to work together with the DSLR-cameras-class high-end.

The new product meets the requirements of CompactFlash 4.1 and is comparable in speed with the company announced its analogues A-DATA, which we have spoken today.

The stated speed of the new items PhotoFast - 533H. This is slightly lower than the advertised 600H at A-DATA, but the product PhotoFast released already identified by high-speed device performance in terms of more usual MB / sec. Speed reading with a capacity of 32 GB card is 80 MB / s, write on it - up to 40 MB / sec. Interface - ATA CompactFlash (mode Ultra DMA 0-6). Also, product support hardware error correction ECC.


A-DATA show at Computex 2009 «ultrafast memory» SSD and CF

A-DATA Technology, one of the manufacturers of flash memory and the memory type of DRAM, will display at Computex 2009, which begins the second of June in Taipei, the new high-performance memory modules and, as stated, the world's fastest flash memory card standard CompactFlash (CF) as well as portable hard drives and «USB-flash».

At Computex 2009 will be presented by the memory relating to a series of XPG Overclocking. This class will be the memory modules DDR3, which operate at frequencies of 1866 and 2133 MHz.

T906 Mickey and Minnie Mouse Flash Drive

Visitors will be able to see and SSD-device for release by A-DATA recently launched, - A-DATA X25-M SSD, licensed product Intel. In the series of XPG SX94 and S592 will be presented to the model SSD with capacity up to 512 GB Interface SATA II, high-performance devices, capable of reaching speeds of 230 and 170 MB / s when reading / writing.

By ultrafast card flash memory product line include CompactFlash (CF) CF600X, device capacity 32 GB and a speed of 600h.

The theme Disney characters, followed by T806 Kissing Octopus Couple Flash Drive, continue to model T906 USB Flash Drive. Also on the list get portable hard drives - NH92 model and SH93.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Single version of GeForce GTX 295 in performance Inno3D

As is known, the exit option Single dual-3D-accelerator NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 is expected in the coming days.

Apparently, the premier of this product and really not far off, since the source images first real sample GeForce GTX 295, which is performed by the company was named Inno3D GTX 296 Platinum.

Map based on the reference model, is equipped with a cooling system with one fan and two radiators, which use heat pipes.

On board are two 55-nanometer GPU GT200.

In addition, here are two and a bridge chip NVIO NF200.

On board memory is installed 1792 MB of GDDR3, related graphics processors 2x448 bit bus.

Features new items include the provision of two additional power connectors (6-pin and 8-pin).

Connecting the monitor provides two connectors DVI.

New support for the work in the configuration of Quad SLI.

The components of the accelerator operating on the same frequencies as the components of its predecessor: 576, 1242 and 1998 MHz (core, shaders and memory, respectively).

Assumed to remain at the same level and price of products.


Friday, June 19, 2009

Mellanox ConnectX ENt - the first integrated dual 10GBASE-T Adapter

Company Mellanox Technologies announced the release of the industry's first fully integrated dual adapter 10GBASE-T, made in the form of expansion cards. Map ConnectX ENt is designed for installation in slot PCI Express 2.0. It is characterized by high bandwidth, low delays and low power consumption.

Adapter ConnectX ENt supports visualization, such as NetQueue and SR-IOV, as well as the consolidation of input-output technology using the Data Center Bridging (DCB) and Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE).

The range has a whole family of Mellanox adapters ConnectX 10 Gigabit Ethernet, calculated on the use of different cables, including UTP, SFP + and CX4 (for copper wire lines), SR and LR (for fiber).

Work adapters ConnectX ENt 10GBASE-T Mellanox the company plans to demonstrate at the event Interop Vegas, which will be held in Las Vegas from 19 to 21 May.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Galaxy prepared a new version of 3D-card GeForce GTS 250

In anticipation of GPU NVIDIA, issued under the rules of 40 nm, the company developed the Galaxy a new version of the accelerator GeForce GTS 250, based on 55-nanometer GPU G92b with 128 stream processors.

On the board installed 512 MB of memory GDDR3. By the features of the product may also include 256-bit memory bus, Dual BIOS, the availability of output D-sub, DVI and HDMI.

Frequencies of GPU, shader and memory are equal to the staffing values - 738, 1836 and 2200 MHz. However, memory access time of 0.8 ms opens the possibility of increasing the frequency of the memory to 2600 MHz, which, according to the source, provides a performance improvement of 7%. Price of new 3D-cards have not yet been named.


OCZ MSI and promote Power eSATA for fast SSD for the example of their products

Even at the end of last year OCZ Technology introduced Throttle - fast «flash» with eSATA interface and nutritional bus USB. Nevertheless, even if the product is interesting, and its performance, this option connect to and use of a rather inconvenient due to the «excessive» power cord.

OCZ and MSI have reported that their bundle of products works very well as a pair. High-speed devices SSD OCZ Throttle eSATA, do not require cumbersome connections uncomfortable with the use of the power cable and a new board MSI.

The company MSI, allegedly first introduced on the market such a system board, which allows it - Model MSI 790FX-GD70, designed to work with processors AMD Socket AM3.

Flash Drives OCZ Throttle eSATA, you can connect to it without a power cord. This motherboard is equipped with a port Power eSATA, which provides the connection of SSD and its food.

Remember, when working on the interface of eSATA, these SSD can give up to 90 MB / s reading and 30 MB / s when writing. Available capacity options: 8, 16 and 32 GB.

Not only to users of desktop PCs will be able to easily use the speed advantages of «flash» OCZ Throttle eSATA. MSI has produced a series of gaming notebooks, which will also be equipped with port Power eSATA. This model of notebooks, which are listed in the illustration above. Mobile PCs will also be of interest that have a screen with a 16:9 ratio of the parties, Turbo button for rapid gains in productivity and technology, Cinema Pro.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stand mPC Cool Pad can cool notebook and add it to port and storage

Product mPC Cool Pad (code ULIFE025700), appeared on the electronic display Brando to perform several useful functions.

First, it provides a cooling stand for notebook outlet heat using low-noise fan sizes 60h60h10 mm. Power comes on the fan bus USB.

Secondly, it makes it easier to connect peripheral devices, as three-port hub is equipped with USB 2.0.

And third, it provides a connection to the hard drive size 2.5-inch drives with an SATA. The maximum supported amount equal to 250 GB.

Size and weight stand - 220 x 160 x 15 mm and 225 grams respectively, make it an attractive companion notebook. The cost of the device is available in three color variations (pink, black, silver) is $ 33.


USB-hubs Elecom general permit up to seven USB devices between two PCs

Japanese company Elecom has recently introduced a pair of USB-hubs, which are two and seven ports, and, consequently, allow multiple devices and make them common between the two computers.

Designations assigned by the two models KM-KM-A22BBK and U2SW-B27SBK. The first - on the hub device 2, the second - at seven.

Thus, a user with a couple of computers, desktop or notebook PCs equipped with USB bus and using a USB-device, may, without combining computers in a local network the traditional way with new hubs Elecom done on both the PC USB-mouse and keyboard, scanners, printers and other peripherals.

This will save space on your desktop, with the means to purchase a complete set of devices for each computer and allows you not to create a network to make a few common devices.

Compatible operating systems are Windows Vista (~ SP1) / XP (SP1 ~ SP3) / 2000 (SP4) and Mac OS X (10.3 ~ 10.5); device USB2.0 and USB1.1. Hubs KM-A22BBK and U2SW-B27SBK consume 0.5 and 1.0 W respectively.

Available devices Elecom KM-A22BBK and U2SW-B27SBK already priced $ 50 and $ 71 respectively.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Announced release of SSD, running at speeds up to 1000 MB/s

Drives G-Monster, the claimed speed of read-write is 750, and 700 MB / s, respectively, are no longer the fastest in the range of PhotoFast.

For the current month, the company identified the beginning of the supply drive G-Monster-Promise PCI-Express SSD, which in its evaluation, capable of speeds up to 1000 MB / sec.

The device will be available in options volume 128, 256, 512 and 1024 GB. It is implemented in the form of expansion cards with the interface PCI-Express x8. In the drive uses flash memory of three types: primary - MLC NAND, and 256 MB of buffer memory and ECC DDR2 SDRAM. According to the company, the mean time, time between failures is 2.5 million hours.

Price drives for the Japanese market, where he debuted in the near future is about $ 1600, $ 2000, $ 3000 and $ 4500 for the volume of the model 128, 256, 512 and 1024 GB respectively.


Storage Appliance automates backup using the devices Clickfree

The brand Clickfree Storage Appliance Company has submitted the device to backup information, targeted to owners of mobile PCs.

Model Clickfree DVD Transformer (top picture), valued at $ 40 manufacturer, relies on the use of an optical drive that is configured PC. It is necessary to connect the device to the port USB, it automatically runs the program, search for files to be backed up (documents, pictures, sound recordings, videos, etc.). After that, the user only has to insert a blank disc into the optical drive to start the backup. Transformer does not require installing any additional software.

Model Clickfree Traveler, shown at the bottom picture, is also designed to connect to the port of USB, but stores the information in its own flash memory. It determines the amount of the price of the device. During the modification with 16 GB of memory you need to be willing to pay $ 80, changed the volume of 32 GB will cost the buyer of $ 150, but the most capacious version of 64 GB - $ 250 value. One device can «service» multiple PCs.


Monday, June 15, 2009

Developers DDRdrive X1 surpassed «the fastest SSD», combining the advantages of DRAM and NAND

Solid state drives based on flash memory cards have many advantages, but not without flaws. In particular, the performance of flash-type NAND can become a bottleneck even the most high-performance system. To circumvent this shortcoming, engineers DDRdrive combined in one product dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) and flash-type NAND. Form a solid-state drive DDRdrive X1, made in the form of expansion cards with the interface PCI Express x1.

Reservoir is equipped with 4 GB of memory-type DRAM (four standard module volume by 1 GB each) and 4 GB of memory type NAND. The company estimates that the device is up to 300,000 input / output operations per second (IOPS) on the reading mode and 200,000 IOPS in the recording mode. These figures are for 2000% superior performance of conventional high-speed SSD, such as the Intel X25-E, and better than even the «very quickly» solid drive Fusion-io ioDrive Duo, released last month. Claimed to read and write speed of greater than 215, and 155 MB / s, respectively (For the sake of justice - there DDRdrive X1 yields not only ioDrive Duo, and Intel X25-E). Several drives can be included in the configuration of RAID 1, 0 or 5.

What's more novelty «superior» Intel X25-E, is the price, especially given the recent decline in the price of SSD Intel. If the Intel X25-E level of 32 GB is $ 390, the manufacturer DDRdrive X1 appreciated to $ 1495.


PEGATRON Ultra Slim Atom NetTop - half-liter nettop on the logic of SiS

Silicon Integrated Systems (SiS) announced that its SiS672/96/307DV chipsets have been selected by PEGATRON as a system of logic for the construction of ultrathin computer class NetTop based upon the Intel Atom 230.

Platform PEGATRON Ultra Slim Atom NetTop, according to the manufacturer, «demonstrating its uniqueness in the aesthetics of design and practical features to work more effectively with the media in order to ensure a high quality visual entertainment». In addition as a solution for use as a home entertainment PC, the manufacturer positions PEGATRON Ultra Slim Atom NetTop, as a product for widespread use in medicine, finance and education programs.

One of the features of the solution is compact - nettop refers to «class» computer volume up to 1 liter - the computer has a total volume of 0.5 liters.

Nettop for SiS672/968 chipset and processor Atom 230 supports the work of memory DDR2-667 of up to 2 GB and has built a module to connect Wi-Fi, equipped with graphics, SiS Mirage3, built-in chipset and supports SiS Real Video Technology, which should improve image quality and speed up work with HD-content.

In addition to the small size nettop SiS can boast low power consumption - only 22 Watts. By the same platform conceived and executed as a completely silent due to the absence of fans for cooling. A computer equipped with interface PCI Express x1, supports the connection of the HDD and SSD drives for Serial ATA2, and has six ports tire USB2.0.


ASUS K Series - small mobile PCs for entertainment

Company ASUS has developed a new series of mobile computers, called the K Series Domino Collection and oriented to users, often using a laptop as a digital entertainment center.

Notebooks ASUS K Series are equipped with a screen that supports video playback high-definition audio codec which supports sound SRS Premium Sound and acoustics of Altec Lansing.

Technology ASUS Super Hybrid Engine, reportedly to allow owners of ASUS K Series longer enjoy media content at the expense of saving energy and as a result of prolonged work on a laptop battery charging. A so-called «intelligent design» ASUS IceCool will allow maintain the temperature at the surface of laptop suitable for the location owner's hands.

The first representative of the series has become a laptop K40In (K40In20PYH25DPM):

* OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
* Processor: Intel Core2 Duo Processor T6400
* Memory: 4 GB DDR2-800 MHz
* HDD: 250 GB SATA
* ODD: DVD SuperMulti Double Layer Drive
* Video: NVIDIA GeForce G102M 512MB VRAM
* Display: 14,0 "HD (1366x768) Colorshine & Crystalshine LCD; 16:9
* Network: Ethernet + 802.11b/g/n
* Integrated 1.3-MP webcam
* Card

Sales of multimedia notebooks ASUS K Series should be available in mid-May. Cost model K40In called a source equal to ~ 950 USD


Sunday, June 14, 2009

DRAMeXchange and manufacturers speak about possible 15% increase in prices for DRAM memory

At the same time, when the Kingston Technology predicted increase in demand for DRAM memory of the third quarter, the DRAMeXchange said that prices for these products in the next few weeks will rise by 10-15%.

A pair of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of memory chips, Powerchip and Elpida, stopped supplying products to the spot market because of the overload, which then emerged as a result of increased demand. Soon, this should lead to an increase in 1-Gbit DDR2 chips in the price of up to $ 1.5 per unit in June, say observers, but as long as the price of 1-Gbit DDR2 chips are at the level of $ 1.2 and does not change.

According to DRAMeXchange contract prices for DRAM memory, too, will rise from $ 8-8,5 over 1 GB in the past month to $ 9-10. Some producers tend to operate with an even higher price - $ 12-13. But to reach this point they are already at the end of this month.

Increased demand for memory has also arisen because of the high level of sales of finished PCs. Another great hopes placed in the memory manufacturers Coming soon Windows7 OS and the associated increase in purchasing activity of their products.


HyperMac - external battery for Apple laptops

The company Sanho Electronics introduced a new line of external batteries HyperMac, designed for all laptops Apple - MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.

In the range HyperMac includes four versions - with a capacity of 60, 100, 150 and 222 W • h Devices equipped with the MagSafe connector to connect to the laptop instead of AC adapter, and USB - for powering and charging other devices like the iPhone, or MP3-players. In addition to feeding your notebook, HyperMac can act as a charger for the internal battery.

In HyperMac batteries used lithium ion elements that will allow you to charge up to a thousand times.

Sales Battery HyperMac appear later this month at prices from $ 200 for the modification of 60 W • h to $ 500 for the senior model.


Saturday, June 13, 2009

OWC introduced the USB-adapter to connect additional monitors to a Mac

The company Other World Computing (OWC) introduced the adapter to connect additional monitors to a computer's USB 2.0 port Mac.

The device connects to the USB port, then it may be connected to the monitor interface VGA, DVI or HDMI. Score one for the Mac computer using these adapters can be up to 4 additional monitors. The adapter supports 32-bit color depth, resolution - up to 1600x1200 and 1680x1050 pixels. To operate the device requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 and above.

The Company cautions that the accessory does not support hardware acceleration OpenGL, so all applications that require OpenGL, Quartz Extreme, Quartz Composer, and other subsystems, based on OpenGL, will not work.

The cost of the device in the online store Macsales-$ 99.


ASUS will release notebook Eee PC with a screen 11.6"

According to a source of company ASUS intends to extend the range of a series of mobile computers with new Eee PC models with uncharacteristic fit.

Already this month awaits us out Eee PC with a screen diagonal of 11.6 ". Models with screen 10" this year still remain a priority, the production of 50% of the total number produced notebook. A production standard notebook, screen 11.6 "- 30%.

ASUS also plans to release notebooks ultra CULV-secondary and higher price range. One of the first models will XS15 screen 15.6 "and the cost of 799-999 Euro. Models with screen 13.3" will be evaluated in the 599-699 euro.


Friday, June 12, 2009

ASUS S121 - the world's first notebook with 512-GB SSD drive is delayed

As we have previously reported range notebook Series ASUS Eee PC, should be added to luxurious model, in which the title character is S - S121, a «disk» a subsystem will be the most capacious - in this notebook planned to establish 512-GB SSD.

Notebook S121 screen 12.1" should appear on sale in early May. Details were known very little - this mobile PCs, much of the inherited model of Eee PC S101, but it is more productive, better version.

According to the source, model S121 is equipped with a processor Atom Z520, 1 GB of RAM and a 160-GB hard drive, a 512-GB SSD is not mentioned in the TTH notebook. Notebook Weight - 1.45 kg. Will be pre-OS Windows XP Home. Time autonomous work - 8.2 hours

The price of this notebook to have ~ 899 dollars, but it must appear in the second half of this month.


AMD was able to press Intel processors on the market for PC

Manufacturers of microprocessors for PCs sold surplus stocks of its products that have accumulated due to a slowdown in the economy, the source, referring to the report of analysts of Mercury Research. Reduction of stocks, in turn, creates a «positive growth potential» for the next three or even six months. This view is somewhat different from the position of expert IDC, claiming that sales of microprocessors will decline during the first half.

The first quarter was marked by a reduction of sales of processors for 8.3% compared with the final quarter of last year. This figure is only slightly worse than the average seasonal decline at 7.4%. Interestingly, reducing demand noticeable impact on the processors for notebooks than the processors for desktops and servers.

According to analysts of Mercury Research, AMD was able to take advantage of the situation and select the quarter of almost 4% of the market with its powerful rival, Intel. The share of AMD at the end of the quarter accounted for 20.9% of total sales of microprocessors for PCs in the world, whereas in the previous quarter, this proportion was 17%. The percentage of Intel in the first months of this year, the period decreased from 82.1% to 78.2%. However, experts specify that the results of the quarter may not reflect the real situation, since, as mentioned above, in the course of stocks went up.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

New motherboards Intel D945GSEJT and DG41MJ intended for nettop and mini-PCs

The new motherboards for nettop and mini-PC, introduced at the event for its partners in the supply of the company Intel. It is anticipated that the new items will help to spread nettop and miniature PC.

Charges Intel Desktop Board D945GSEJT with the processor Intel Atom N270-oriented device, the first of your category names. It is possible to build a thin client or PC Monoblock. The second motherboard provided by Intel, has been named Intel Desktop Board DG41MJ. It supports Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Core 2 Duo processor with low power consumption (TDP 65 W) and is intended for a more productive systems of small form factor.

The foundation board Intel Desktop Board D945GSEJT as a set of system logic Mobile Intel 945GSE Express with integrated graphics Intel GMA 950. The fee is equipped with a mini PCI Express slots and PCI, ports SATA, USB 2.0, Network Adapter Gigabit Ethernet, multi-codec HD Audio. Payment made in standard size mini-ITX (170 x 170 mm), and its height does not exceed 20 mm. Components fees have passive cooling. To connect devices equipped with the display board VGA connector and DVI.

D945GSEJT Deliveries should commence towards the end of the first half.

Regarding DG41MJ, this fee is built on the chipset Intel G41 Express. It is equipped with a parallel port, VGA output jacks, and DVI, codec Intel HD Audio, Network adapter 10/100/1000 Ethernet. As the first new, it has been implemented in the standard size of mini-ITX. The fee was certified Microsoft Windows Vista Premium WHQL. Deliveries of the board has already begun.


Cooler Master HAF 922 - casing, in which strong winds blow

The success of the shell HAF 932, first shown at the European contest for computer games KODE5, Cooler Master has inspired the company to expand a series of HAF (High Airflow Flow) through the new model, which is a symbol HAF 922.

In his predecessor's body HAF 922 has inherited the main features - brutal appearance and the ability to install a large number of high-performance fans.

In total, inside the HAF 922 can be set seven fans. Three seats are designed for 200-millimeter ventilation (there can be established and more compact model of size 120 or 140 mm). An independent air intake provides the ventilation power supply located at the bottom of the chassis. Enthusiasts «disperse» will appreciate the ability to install a liquid cooling system with an internal arrangement of the radiator.

Installation of PC components and upgrades easier company finds Cooler Master, such as the technological window for quick access to your CPU cooler without the removal of charges, first appeared in the hull ATCS 840, and accurate means of laying cables. Installation and dismantling of storage size 5.25 and 3.5 inches do not require tools.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Two more nettopa platform NVIDIA ION for you

As we know, this month the company announced the release nettopa Acer Acer AspireRevo platform NVIDIA ION. Not wanting to fall behind from Acer, its options products belonging to the same category, and showed us ASRock ASUS (more precisely, the part now known as Pegatron Technology).

As shown in the picture, nettop ASRock ION 330 has received the designation, which indicates that the configuration of the computer is dual-core Intel Atom 330 processor operating at 1.6 GHz. In addition to the processor Atom, to the platform includes a set of system logic with integrated graphics processor GeForce 9400M. The computer is equipped with an optical drive.

If ASRock ION 330 visually represents a smaller version of conventional desktop, the nettop Pegatron Cape 7, shown in the second picture, the layout resembles a model ASUS Eee Box.

Dates of emergence of new products on the market and prices have not yet identified.