Thursday, May 21, 2009 Exotic and powerful GPU in the Folding @ home for the achievement of world records

Recently, as we have reported for the project Folding @ home (F @ H) an enthusiast system was established (not a desktop-type) with the enormous power through the use of large quantities of graphics GPU GeForce GTX 295.

An answer to this can be regarded as a Russian project, whose members have joined a fairly well-known team «TSC! Russia ».

It is alleged the source, experts of the company created the most productive in the world of desktop system for settlements in the Folding @ Home. The goal of participants in F @ H, Foxtrot (Project Total OverClock) and Sergey_Xmem (, to obtain the highest possible performance, set a new record for Russia, and then try to beat the world record.

To create a computer-chislodrobilki were used:

* Motherboard: ASRock X58 SUPERCOMPUTER
* Processor: Intel CORE i7 940
* Video card: 3 x Point Of View GeForce GTX 295
* Power Supply: Enermax ERV1250EGT
* Memory: Corsair TR3X6G1333C9
* Case: Antec Skeleton, with 250 +92- mm fans

After obtaining the first results it was decided to strengthen the system: to use the card ASRock X58 SUPERCOMPUTER, Intel CORE i7 965 and another card Point Of View GeForce GTX 295. Once the system has seen all 8 GPU, it was set up 8 clients under the GPU in the F @ H client and 2 SMP (a CPU).

But not without problems: the processor and memory forcibly replaced by CORE i7 940 and A-DATA Gaming Series 2GBx3 respectively. Also added was another BP - Thermaltake W0157RE ToughPower 450W. After that, using proprietary tools SetFSB CORE i7 940 is also dispersed to 3.5 GHz.

After a brief struggle with the «iron» settings and BIOS, utilities for overclocking, the management of F @ H client and OS, the world record beaten by a 66,775 PPD (with a desktop computer).

Of course, the selection of power from the CPU to work multiple SMP clients reduce the overall productivity of the chislodrobilki in the form of a desktop PC and it was decided from the SMP-client escape that has raised the formulation of PPD to 70556. This was a new world record.