Sunday, May 31, 2009

OLPC adds HD-video support to the school netbuk

Not only the company Intel has continued to update its mini-laptops for educational institutions. The same step, project participants have undertaken One Laptop Per Child (OLPC), have decided to revise the configuration notebook XO. The result has been updated not to use AMD processors in favor of the product VIA Technologies.

Now the mini-notebook, distributed non-profit organization, will be used by the processor VIA C7-M, the source. While in the specifications at the official site of the project processor AMD Geode LX-700@0.8W, operating at a frequency of 433 MHz.

The exact frequency at which the processor will be VIA, not named, are listed only border range - 400-1000 MHz. Replacing the processor should positively affect the productivity of XO, while maintaining the same power consumption. In a couple with a VIA C7-M will be a set of system logic with integrated 3D-core of the decoder and high-definition video. Perhaps the basis for a new version of XO as a reference design minibook to support HD-video, recently presented by VIA.

Obviously, besides the desire to increase productivity notebook to replace the processor involved in the project OLPC has pushed the decision to not develop a line of AMD Geode, issued at the beginning of the year.

Updated XO will receive 1 GB of RAM and solid-state drive of 4 or 8 GB. Now notebook has 256 MB and 1 GB of operational long-term memory.

Testing of the new school notebook OLPC will begin in August.