Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New product Silego Technology should accelerate the transition to DDR3 memory

As is known, the computer industry transition to DDR3 memory type long and takes more time than expected. According to the company Silego Technology, which develops chips, but do not have their own production, created by its product specialists can accelerate this transition.

This is the first in the industry universal register DDR3. This chip, designated SLGSSTE32882, «cover», all the speed and voltage of memory modules DDR3. Allegedly, this feature will open in front of producers registered DDR3 RDIMM modules the opportunity to reduce the cost of production and reduce the list of components.

New product designed to work together with a broad spectrum of memory chips (for DDR3-800 to DDR3-1600) and in the modules, working in a wide range of voltage (1,35-1,5 in, claiming to work at low voltage - up to 1 , 2). This chip is released under the rules of 130 nm. Advantages of a universal register of complementary record low wholesale price - $ 2.49 per piece.

Source: http://www.silego.com/