Saturday, May 30, 2009

Lian Li offers a new option for notebook cooling stand

Taiwan manufacturer Lian-Li Industrial is not tired to replenish its product range with new products. Following a large corps of Armorsuit PC-P50 Gaming PC submitted a few days ago, the company has added to its catalog of third-account stand for notebooks.

The product received the designation of concision NC-09, made of anodized aluminum in black. Salt, or rather, stands is a huge fan diameter of 220 mm. It is powered by voltage 5 V. The fan is highlighted with blue LED backlighting, decorative steel grille covered.

Along with the USB connector of conventional size, in the case of NC-09 connector located miniUSB, so that food can come either from a laptop or other source, for example, a universal charger for cell phones. One of the USB ports for connecting external devices such as USB-drives.

The design supports a three-degree slope. Its size - 400 x 337 x 34 mm - provide accommodation laptops with screens ranging from 12.1 to 17 inches.