Sunday, May 17, 2009

Intel introduces new logo and star ratings for the processors

Company Intel has decided to revise the designation of its processors, and introduce a new system of ratings. Different line of processors that the company will receive new cover everyone will hide the image of the core processor, which will be visible on the logo in the upper right corner.

The basis of the logo will be the word (brand), for example, CORE, and has to be specified in normal font family: Duo, Extreme, Quad, i7 and vPro. Similarly, look and logos of Intel Centrino processor and the Atom, Celeron and Pentium.

In addition, it was decided to introduce a system of rating Intel Processor Ratings, which will be expressed in one of the stars (Celeron) to five (Core i7). This number will indicate the relative level of productivity in the classroom. The more stars - the higher performance CPU. How to explain the representative Intel, Kalder Bill (Bill Calder), such an approach would simplify the task of buying and selling computers to the user and seller.

Kalder added that since the issuance of a market Intel Core i7 company was going to go in one direction, developing a brand Core, as a priority, and the new «a fairly aggressive policy to simplify branding» - proof.

Well, we hope customers really become easier to navigate in the selection of a system under the name Centrino, marked by different numbers of stars are not going into technical details, design and seek in the design of logos would be appreciated.