Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inexpensive gaming mouse adds to family of Microsoft SideWinder

Family SideWinder gaming mice, the production of Microsoft, added to the autumn of last year, the wireless model SideWinder X8 Mouse, has taken into its ranks another product.

Mouse SideWinder X3 Mouse combines good technical features and the relatively low price - $ 39.95. For comparison - the price of the above-mentioned manipulator SideWinder X8 Mouse at the time of its debut at $ 99.95.

The new mouse will come as fans of computer games, which is the main right hand, and those who prefer to make a virtual cross sight left hand. The mouse is equipped with a wide wheel scroll and eight buttons, the functions of five of which are programmed. Maximum resolution laser sensor is 2000 dpi. It permits to switch directly in the games between the three values corresponding to high, medium and low sensitivity.

While aware of the sale period SideWinder X3 Mouse for the U.S. market, where they should start in May.