Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gigabyte introduces support SLI technology in all motherboards X58-series

Gigabyte Technology Company announced the official support for NVIDIA SLI technology for all range of motherboards based on chipset Intel X58 Express, which allows consumers to obtain all the advantages of graphics chips NVIDIA.

Support for NVIDIA SLI technology with respect to the motherboard Gigabyte product line X58-series implemented the simplest and most convenient way - through the updating of BIOS, which should be downloaded from Gigabyte. In SLI mode videopod system becomes available high-speed 3D-rendering and provides significant gains in productivity.

Motherboards Gigabyte X58-series designed to unleash the full potential of the modern family of processors Intel Core i7. Among the key benefits of new products QPI-speed bus interface, support for RAM DDR3 (3-channel rezhm work), Ultra Durable 3 technology, and extensive opportunities for overclocking.

The main feature Ultra Durable 3 technology is a double thickness of the copper conductors in the layers of power and grounding the printed circuit board. With the Ultra Durable 3 was able to significantly reduce the operating temperature in critical areas (for example, in the zone of the CPU, chipset and RAM), through the efficient distribution of heat across the surface of the motherboard. In addition, the Ultra Durable 3 technology provides a lower impedance boards (approximately 50%), which increases efficiency by allowing reasonably expend energy. Double thick layers of copper is also improving the quality of the signal, stable operation and increased capacity of the system in the Overclocking.

Motherboards Gigabyte X58-series with support for technology NVIDIA SLI:

* GA-EX58-UD5
* GA-EX58-UD4
* GA-EX58-UD3R

To learn more about the product and download the current version of BIOS with support for NVIDIA SLI, should visit the following web-page.