Friday, May 29, 2009

Fujitsu creates self-erased USB-drive and software for data protection

Fujitsu Laboratories Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories of America announced a pair of new technologies that are designed to help prevent «leakage» of data.

Technological tricks would help block access to USB-drive and prohibit the uploading of files to a network file where you want the increased security of data. USB-drive Fujitsu can destroy the information after a specified period of time, as technology will allow the diversion of files to save a copy to the media at the designated secure server. Thus, the manufacturer is helping to create a safe environment in the office to store and work with confidential information.

The prototype USB-Memory Fujitsu (pictured above) is equipped with a processor and a battery, when connecting the device to unauthorized computer or after a certain period of time (for example, you can set time period of 24 hours), all data stored on this drive will be automatically removed.

A software that monitors the activity of USB ports and sends all files with USB-devices on a special server company, avoids the direct copying of confidential data. A file with a flash, as stated, will not be able to send attachments to an electronic mail file in the network or copied to a PC hard drive.

Fujitsu Limited is currently conducting its own testing of these technologies, and on receipt of the results from Fujitsu Laboratories will plan the expansion of applications with a practical use of these technologies and their commercialization.