Sunday, May 17, 2009

Company A-DATA releases their first SSD

A-DATA Memory introduced its first solid-state drives, - SSD (solid-state drive). But the name of their belonging to it is difficult, because the X25-M series is the development of Intel.

Nevertheless, in February, it was concluded a partnership agreement between the two companies, Intel and the original formulation is sold under the brand name now and A-DATA. This agreement is available to Intel and with Power Quotient International (PQI).

Products A-DATA X25-M SSD will be available in versions with capacity 80 and 160 GB, an interface to connect to a computer - SATA II. Supports a system of commands Native Command Queuing (NCQ). Sami flash drives are based on MLC-chip NAND-flash memory manufactured on 50-nm production methods.

Like the original product that drives A-DATA X25-M SSD has high efficiency - the speed of reading is equal to 250 MB / s, write - 70 MB / sec.