Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Apple acknowledged the existence of a defect in the plastic housings of MacBook

Apple acknowledged the existence of defect polycarbonate shell 13-inch MacBook in white. This is evidenced by the notice, sent by their authorized service center, reported AppleInsider.

Owners of MacBook from time to time complained about the forums, Web-site that when using a laptop computer in normal mode, with time on the case of small cracks appear. Nevertheless, when seeking the service center to request the replacement of damaged parts of the shell of MacBook owners denied.

The notice, sent by their authorized service center, listed four areas of body affected by the appearance of small cracks: front near the trackpad, the plastic around input-output port, the angles on the reverse side, the area of the vents.

Apple claims that the appearance of cracks in other parts of the shell is a consequence of the messy operation of laptop owners. The company requests the service centers to explore the cracks in terms of their origin. If the nature of cracking install fails, the service centers should still replace the notebook body, regardless of the warranty period is over there.

Notably, the MacBook, produced in a polycarbonate shell in black, similar problems are not exposed.

Currently, Apple is still producing a model of MacBook in white plastic case.