Saturday, May 16, 2009

1 Beyond HexDFlex - the industry's first workstation to process the video with «16 processors»

Company 1 Beyond, which specializes in equipment and solutions for professional work with the video, the computer presented a 1 Beyond HexDFlex. According to the developer, HexDFlex is «the first 16-processor professional workstation» (obviously, this is a configuration that includes two quad-processor capable of up to 16 streams simultaneously) for working with video, making use of the applications for Windows XP and Vista . The station added the range the company has already included a similar model 1 Beyond HD OctoFlex with twice less processor resource.

Among the features of 1 Beyond HexDFlex company providing high performance, providing the work with digital high-definition material. In particular, the workstation can edit recordings RED.R3D in the resolution of 2K real-time and move on to the final rendering in 4K format without re source material. Final rendering time significantly shortened by increasing the computational resources station.

Computer 1 Beyond HexDFlex already available for ordering. In addition, the new exhibition is part 1 Beyond at NAB 2009.

HexDFlex configuration may include up to 288 GB of memory and internal disk subsystem up to 18 TB. The base configuration costs $ 9995. The set can include software - Adobe CS4, Avid Media Composer, Iridas SpeedGrade or Grass Valley Edius, as well as specialized hardware, including Avid MoJo DX, BlackMagic, AJA, Matrox Axio, Grass Valley, and others.

Source: 1 Beyond