Saturday, April 18, 2009

Series of 3D graphics card MSI SuperPipe opened card GeForce GTX 285: the simple and dispersed

Section 3D graphics card NVIDIA graphics processor in the catalog of MSI added to the first model series SuperPipe.

Both new products are based on NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 and equipped with 1 GB of memory GDDR3.

In the configuration of GPU includes 240 processor cores that are associated with 512-bit memory bus. Card supports 3-way SLI.

The main feature is the cooling system products Twin Frozr, which includes, along with two fans and three 6 mm heat pipes, heat pipes have two enlarged diameter - 8-mm tubes SuperPipe. According to the company, increasing the diameter of the tubes increases their effectiveness.

Components of the model N285GTX SuperPipe work for established frequencies - 648, 1476 and 2484 MHz (core, shaders and memory, respectively), while the model N285GTX SuperPipe OC slightly increased the frequency to 680 MHz (GPU) and 2500 MHz. Each card has two sockets Dual-link DVI-I, and one TV-Out, which allows using the cables and adapters to connect your device to display the various input interfaces, including HDMI.

According to available data, factory dispersed model is already available in European stores for the price of 340 euros.