Sunday, April 19, 2009

NVIDIA will soon buy a part of VIA?

The history of the relationship NVIDIA and VIA Technologies, it seems, goes to a new level. Moreover, the new not only chronologically but also qualitatively. Remember, some time ago in a case-resources run rumors that NVIDIA expects to buy a VIA Technologies. A complete purchases while we are not talking, but soon NVIDIA might be one of the major shareholders of VIA Technologies.

As it became known, the company VIA Technologies plans to sell 300 million new shares at a cost 0,27-0,35 dollars per share through private placement (offering them directly to a limited group of investors). The source alleges, citing, in turn, to the industry that, among potential buyers of the shares are already negotiating with the VIA, appears NVIDIA.

The company VIA has announced that the possible nominees for the purchase of shares will be announced after the shareholders meeting, scheduled for June 19. With respect to NVIDIA, it has nothing made an assumption.

Piquancy possible transaction gives the fact that by purchasing the company NVIDIA could acquire the right to a license allowing the x86-compatible processors. As you know, recently, NVIDIA representative confirmed that the company is considering developing its own x86-compatible processors coming years. At the same time, tense relations with Intel, to put it mildly, complicated purchase a license directly.