Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nextreme says breakthrough in cooling technology

According to the company's Nextreme Thermal Solutions, specializes in development of solutions in the field of cooling systems, established its professional product OptoCooler HV14 retains the difference between their cold and warm side of 60°C. The company calls this achievement «breakthrough in thermal barrier».

For the first time in January of this year, cooler OptoCooler HV14 originally provided the difference of 51°C. Improvement of cooler has been achieved through improvements in the thin-film technology, the company argues.

The device can be limited to 1.5 Watts of energy at a working temperature of 85°C. The maximum supply voltage is 2.7 in with the current consumption of about 1 A. The area occupied by cooler, is only 2.8 Through this combination of properties, OptoCooler HV14 is well suited for cooling of optoelectronic devices such as laser diodes used in the transmission modules, and photodiodes used for the reception.