Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Intel is preparing to release new processor Atom Z5xx, including special models PT

According to a source from the company Intel in the near future, in April, the intention is to release a pair of new Atom processor series Z5xx.

Model Z550 will be the fastest atom - the frequency of the processor will reach 2.0 GHz. This decision falls within the 2.4 W TDP.

Second Processor - Z515, as a possible frequencies are called the values of 800 and 1200 MHz. One of them is chosen as a result of the technology burst mode performance. TDP of the CPU - just 0.6 Watts.

From the issuance of these decisions would benefit the users of devices MID (mobile internet device), users UMPC (ultra-mobile PC) and notebook. Also, speed at the expense of new processors will increase and the COM-modules based on Atom.

Unlike today, the popular Atom N270, Atom series processors Z5xx more compact - 14 x 13 mm to 22 x 22 mm and are paired with the system logic Intel SCH US15W (Z550) or UL11L (Z515). This increases the degree of miniaturization and energy efficiency of end solutions.

In addition, Intel will produce more processors Z5xx with the device at the end of the name «P» or «PT». This family in the fifth series will differ from conventional Z5xx increased until 22h22 mm in size for optimal cooling, while working CPU Z530P, Z530PT, Z510P and Z510PT be paired with increased to 37,5 x 37,5 mm chip Poulsbo. Intel will position these processors as a solution able to transfer heat-resistant temperature of up to +85ÂșC.