Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To add Blu-ray support to notebook, you need a little more than hundred dollars

Produced with the descriptive name of USB Portable Blu-ray + DVD Multi Drive and code UPCSF004700, пополнивший recently assortment online shop Brando, enables low-cost mobile computer to add support for a new generation of optical media. Thus, for example, can easily turn a laptop into the player high-definition video recordings - if only to his performance enough to decode the data stream.

Dimensions of drive can be described by the formula 134 x 137 x 20 mm and its weight is 310 g. The compact device is well suited for sharing, not only with the normal size laptops, but with a miniature notebook. To connect the drive to a PC requires a free port USB. Power device may receive from a second USB port or from a network using the adapter (the necessary cables and adapter included).

The drive is able to read discs Blu-ray (list of supported carriers include BD-RE, BD-R and BD-ROM) at a speed of 2X. Speed records are as follows: DVD-RAM - 5X, DVD-R - 8X, DVD-R DL - 2X, DVD-RW - 4X, DVD + R - 8X, DVD + R DL - 2,4 X, DVD + RW - 4X, CD-R - 8X, CD-RW - 8X.

Price devices listed on the site, is $ 109.

Source: usb.brando.com.hk