Thursday, March 5, 2009

Silicon Power has released USB drive with eSATA and USB interfaces with double the capacity - 64 GB

Two and a half months it took Silicon Power, to bring to market even more interesting product, as presented at the end of last year, the type of SSD drive with an eSATA, except for traditional USB typical flash drive.

This is the second SSD-drive line of the manufacturer, the capacity of the last few days increased twice - most recently, Silicon Power announced a 256 GB drive size 2.5.

Like the 32-GB version, 64-GB in the new form-factor USB drive has eSATA connectors and mini-USB, which allows you to connect it to the new and already somewhat outdated PC (no eSATA). However, the use of eSATA, of course, is preferable because the speed of the drive is very high: 90 MB/s and 42 MB/s when reading and writing operations, respectively. Speed in the selection of mini-USB severely limited and at 30 and 25 MB/s, respectively.

The new 64-GB SSD supports the error correction ECC (Error Correction Code). In addition to 32 - and 64-GB versions are available as 8 - and 16-GB versions of flash drive Silicon Power interfaces eSATA and USB.