Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NVIDIA and Intel is once again meet in court

NVIDIA Corporation has responded to the court application, filed last Monday by Intel (the court of equity in the State of Delaware), in which the latter stated that the license agreement for the chipset four years ago between the companies does not apply to the CPU from Intel next generation integrated memory controller such as Nehalem. The statement did not refer chipset NVIDIA, which are supplied at the time.

We are confident that our license continues in force, as we agreed, - said Jensen Huang, President and CEO NVIDIA. The roots of this problem is that the era of CPU goes, and the soul of the PC becomes the GPU. Undoubtedly, this attempt to stifle innovation, to support the dying business CPU.

NVIDIA has entered into an agreement in 2004 to provide a system based on the Intel CPU platform innovation. As a result, Intel has acquired a license for a rich portfolio of patents on the NVIDIA 3D, GPU and other products.

After signing the agreement NVIDIA introduced innovative solutions such as SLI, Hybrid Power and CUDA. ION, the last project that combines high-speed GPU and north to the south bridge in a single compact chip. In conjunction with the CPU ION formed architecture of the PC for Intel for two years before their own solutions Intel.

Evaluate the position of both parties will be able to court. We will acquaint you with its decision.

Source: www.nvidia.com