Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gresso Design estimates the USB Drive for $9999

The company Gresso Design, a well-known image products, it seems, has decided to break its own record price of USB-drives. As you know, Gresso Design has released a storage volume of 192 GB, which was estimated at 5000 euros.

Two new products, all of which appeared on the company's website, also belong to the category of flash drives with interface USB.

Pandora Black Models and Pandora Red opened the series, which will be submitted to storage of up to 64 GB. Regardless of volume, the device Pandora Black will cost $ 9999 ((nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars), and Pandora Red - $ 999.

The high cost producer explains the use of exclusive materials: 200 years of African black wood and 18-carat gold. Building model Pandora Black encase diamond. To make the model Pandora Red was chosen ruby. In other words, the wealthy buyers could choose the storage as a gift.

The devices are equipped with access control system with fingerprint sensor