Friday, March 6, 2009

Galaxy GeForce GTX 285 gets 3 fan cooler, and a number of changes to improve productivity

If NVIDIA is trying to reduce the price of some of its accelerators average price range, the companies that produce finished products based on the GPU NVIDIA, it seems, have decided to go another way and attract buyers for its non-standard versions of accelerators.

And while on the video card GeForce GTX 285 can not be attributed to the budget or the middle class, the Galaxy have decided to go on the road refinement with the aim of increasing productivity, rather than simplifying the design.

Option accelerator Galaxy GeForce GTX 285 has a power system scheme 4 +2, and digital control PWM, but not 6-phase reference design NVIDIA. VRM controller supports the necessary interface for managing with the help of software.

Card has two BIOS chips on-board EEPROM, which provides more reliable operation of the accelerator and allows you to switch between different profiles, set the speed.

The cooling system is also subjected to change - as an air cooler type selected productive Accelero XTREME GTX production of Arctic Cooling, used also for the adapters on the GPU AMD.