Saturday, March 14, 2009

The company introduced the Gainward Graphics Card GTS 250 2048MB Limited Edit of its own design

GTS 250 Graphics Card 2048MB Limited Edition (LE), created by professionals Gainward, according to the company, became the first product on the new GPU NVIDIA with 2 GB of memory.

The main features of video card manufacturer considers three options for the configuration: from 2048, 1024 and 512 MB of memory. The availability of 2 GB of memory, not only guarantees the opportunity to play in all the games, but in those games that are just getting ready for release. To increase the productivity of the modules 2048MB LE uses the memory access time of 0.8 ns. The accelerator is equipped with outputs HDMI, Dual Link DVI and D-Sub.

Among the other advantages of the product drew the attention of high-performance cooling system. Its design includes a radiator with copper heat pipes and fan with two bearings, the speed of which is regulated automatically. The company notes the low level of noise, typical for such a decision.

Video technology supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL, NVIDIA PhysX, CUDA, PureVideo, SLI and 3-way SLI.

The set includes utility EXPERTool, providing information on the graphics processor temperature and fan speeds. With its help, you can control fan speeds, the frequency of the graphic core and memory.

Main technical data Gainward GTS 250 2048MB Limited Edition:

* A graphics processor / stream processor - NVIDIA GTS 250 (55 nm) / 128 SP;
* Core Clock - 745 MHz;
* Shader frequency - 1855 MHz;
* Memory Clock - 1100 MHz (DDR 2200);
* Memory Type - DDR3;
* Memory - 2048 MB.

The fee is designed for installation in slot PCI-Express 2.0, and took two seats.