Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buffalo offers a new SSD for Eee PC 901

Last autumn, the Japanese company Buffalo submitted a solid drive to notebook ASUS Eee PC 901 a 16 GB (SHD-EP9S16G), which joins a line of SSD, included at the time the model volume 32 and 64 GB.

Some time ago, the range of the two reservoirs have enriched the volume 32 and 64 GB, designed for Eee PC 901. When the weight of 11,5 grams Model SHD-ES9M32G and SHD-ES9M64G sizes are 32,1 x 3,5 x 69,5 mm. In drives using the memory type of MLC NAND.

For those who for whatever reason, does not intend to establish an alternative SSD inside notebook, Buffalo offers the same storage volume of SHD-ES9M32G-UC and SHD-ES9M64G-UC in compact black case designed for external connections via the interface USB.

Claimed top speed of reading and writing at 34 and 28 MB/s, respectively.

Price, depending on the volume is equal to the internal SSD of approximately $ 118 and $ 218, and for outside - $ 130 and $ 229.