Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Transformer 4 assumes the CPU cooling

The original cooling system of the Taiwan Evercool Thermal known among computer enthusiasts, because along with high efficiency, they often have unusual, very bright appearance,

No exception was the recently added range of novelty, which is designed to cool the processor. The design of cooler called Transformer 4 includes four heat pipes and a massive aluminum plate cooler. The radiator is cooled by 12-cm fans, and the user can choose to install a fan or two.

The size of the product is 130 x 122 x 160 x mm, each fan - 120 x 120 x 25 mm. The rotational speed of the impeller is equal to 1000 ± 10% rpm. The level of noise does not exceed 21 dBA. 4 Transformer weighs almost 850 grams.

Universal fixing to use cooler in conjunction with motherboards designed for the processors in the performance of Intel LGA 1366 and LGA 775, AMD K8 and AM2.

Source: www.evercool.com.tw

Monday, March 30, 2009

LapChilla: Coolink offers to cool laptops with 220 mm fan

To home users of laptops to enhance comfort when working with their mobile assistants, providing them with effective cooling, the company recently offered to stand Logitech Cooling Pad N100. Other similar product designation presented by Coolink.

Stand, called LapChilla, ergonomic shape and is equally well suited for placing a laptop on the table, and kneeling by the user, who settled on the couch or on public transport.

Elegant white mat into the dimensions of 300 x 270 x 25 mm and weighs only 800 grams. The design provides a choice of inclination angle between 15° and 32°. Inside the stand is 220 mm fan, the rotor of which every minute makes 600 revolutions. Low rotation speed provides little noise - 16 dB/A. Power comes on the fan bus USB.

Price LapChilla Coolink, recommended by the manufacturer, is 30 euros. By the way, the careful reader will easily find the similarities between the Coolink LapChilla and other stand for a laptop - Floston AirGear2.

Source: www.coolink-europe.com

NZXT equips Panzerbox building three large-diameter fans

One of the distinguishing features of the shell Panzerbox very good ventilation can be considered. Manufacturer placed in the tank, two 190 mm diameter fan and a fan diameter of 120 mm. It is estimated NZXT, the total output from the system is about 30 cubic meters of air per minute.

Spacious chassis size 244 x 455 x 455 mm is designed for the deployment of up to three 5.25-inch drive size, and four drives of smaller size.

In the body fit even the longest expansion cards, and large heatsinks, so that it will attract the attention of enthusiasts who collect high-performance system, in particular, play. Removable motherboard tray makes it easy to upgrade your computer. In the list of supported types and sizes of motherboards manufacturer called ATX, micro-ATX and Baby AT.

Home sales NZXT Panzerbox is scheduled for April. Price new items is defined equal to $ 120.

Source: www.nzxt.com

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fujitsu start selling the world's first device for reading electronic books with color display

Company Fujitsu Frontech Limited and Fujitsu Laboratories Limited announced the commencement of sales of the world's first dedicated device for reading electronic books, equipped with a color display, which uses technology Electronic Paper(e-paper).

Screen Size FLEPia equal to eight-inch (123.6 x 164.8 mm), its solution is 768h1024 pixels. Display of the e-paper is capable of displaying 260,000 colors. At the same time on redrawing the page it should be eight seconds. Sacrificing the number of colors, you can reduce the time of moving - with 4096 colors, it is five seconds, and with 64 colors is reduced to 1.8 seconds.

The device has a built-in Adapters Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b/g and Bluetooth Ver2.0 + EDR. There are wired and connected to the PC via USB 2.0. The book supports the SD format memory cards up to 4 GB. Continuous operation time product the company estimates at the forty-hours (2400 pages showing a 64-color mode and you change the image once per minute). The device dimensions 158 x 240 x 12.5 mm weighs 385 g.

Path FLEPia to consumers was not fast - the first details of this formulation appeared almost two years ago and last summer it became known that the product is almost ready to enter the market.

Now a device called FLEPia available to Japanese customers, visiting the online store FrontechDirect, and, since April, it will appear in the usual outlets (while, however, is also Japanese - information about early sales in the markets of other countries do not). E-book price is approximately equal to $ 1015.

Source: www.frontech.fujitsu.com

Two new items Logitech could make the work more comfortable with the laptop

Conveniently located, and improve its notebook cooling - such tasks are new items, provided by the company Logitech: Logitech Cooling Pad N100 and Logitech Notebook Riser N110.

Laptops are increasingly used at home. Unfortunately, users are aware that buying a mobile, they lose their comfort. For example, according to the survey, referred to by Logitech, more than 60% of owners use their laptops while sitting on the couch. More than half of those surveyed worried heating laptop, while 43% believe that the overheating could slow down or take your laptop out. In turn, 41% of those who work with the laptop at the table, fear for their posture. It is anticipated that the Cooling Pad N100 and Notebook Riser N110 help cope with these problems.

Stand Logitech Cooling Pad N100 improves airflow notebook. To do this in the cabinet formed the crack, and inside is the fan with power from USB. Place entrance holes on the back of the engineers were able to counteract the blocking of the flow of air, taking place in the traditional location of the holes.

Stand Logitech Notebook Riser N110 allows you to make your laptop desired position when placing on a desk or other flat surface. Along with Notebook Riser N110, you can use an external keyboard and mouse, putting them just as convenient. Angle recovery Notebook Riser N110 is fixed in position 20, 30 and 40 °, and rubberized leg prevents slippage. Stand can be folded so that it takes up less space during transportation and storage.

Colors of products selected in such a way that they are well suited to a variety of home interiors.

Sales Logitech Cooling Pad N100 in the U.S. will begin in March and in Europe - in April, at a cost of $ 30. The appearance model Logitech Notebook Riser N110 is expected in May for the same price.

Source: www.logitech.com

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Minibuk Pocket Yoga - Lenovo possible answers to the Sony VAIO P

Offered his understanding of what it means a thin and easy laptop, company Sony has challenged the rest of the producers of mobile computers.

Presentation on the response to the output of models Lenovo Sony VAIO P can be drawn on the imagery, which has published the source.

Compact minibook Lenovo Pocket Yoga large layout resembles the development of Sony. For grace, Pocket Yoga exterior is trimmed with leather.

Judging by the images, Pocket Yoga has a touch screen and embedded web-camera.

The device may take the form of tablet, when the display is deployed on the back of the chassis.

While this is a conceptual project. Neither the final specifications, no price, no date appears on the market has not yet been identified.

Source: www.electronista.com

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ultra Thin notebook Dell Adamo debuted officially

This week company Dell has presented officially the decision positioned by it, as the most thin laptop for today, Adamo.

Name of new items being translated from Latin as "fall in love", and, certainly, many people in such a graceful little thing really fall in love.

Barrier can be a strong sense of the material considerations - the notebook starts with the price of two thousand dollars.

This configuration of the product is amazing:

* Display: 13.4 inch, 16:9 aspect ratio, 720p Support
* Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo, 1,2 GHz
* RAM: 2 GB DDR3-800
* Video: Intel GMA X4500
* Drive: 128 GB SSD
* Wi-Fi 802.11n
* Bluetooth
* Two port USB, a combined USB / eSATA, DisplayPort
* Dimensions: 331 x 242 x 16,39 mm
* Weight: 1,81 kg

As can be seen, the optical drive is sacrificed small thickness, in addition, Dell refused to hard disk in favor of SSD, which will benefit at the time of autonomous work, but will force users to use space more efficiently.

Adamo Deliveries start on March 26.

Source: www.dell.com

Monday, March 23, 2009

Netbuk MSI U110 ECO Wind provides up to 9 hours of autonomous work

Micro Star International introduced a new compact solution for those who have to for a long time outside the access to networks of power, notebook U110 ECO Wind.

The optional 6-cell battery product provides up to nine hours of offline work. Such impressive performance was achieved through the use of Intel Poulsbo US15W chipset and processor Intel Atom Z530, which focused on the device class of MID. As the graphics adapter used ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3200, which makes innovation even more interesting.

Other parameters are as follows:

* Display: 10 inch, 1024 x 600 pixels
* RAM: 1 GB DDR2-533
* Drive: 160 GB HDD
* Gigabit network adapter
* Wi-Fi
* Bluetooth
* Web-camera: 1,3 MP
* OS: Windows XP Home or Windows Vista Home Basic

Source: global.msi.com.tw

Sunday, March 22, 2009

ZOTAC Produces energy saving graphics card ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT Eco

ZOTAC International complements the range of devices, the new GeForce 9800GT series model - energy card ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT. A new video will help save on payment of electricity, as if the same performance as that of the standard GeForce 9800GT, consumes 40% less energy.

Productivity ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT Eco ensured through 112 streaming processors and memory GDDR3. As a manufacturer, a 256-bit bus connects the stream processors and memory for smooth frame rates and realistic visual effects, providing worse performance than conventional cards in this video.

Technology NVIDIA CUDA, PhysX and PureVideo HD allows video card ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT Eco perform tasks not only play but also to work with applications that are used every day: editing video files and images, processing and playback of video.

Characteristics of ZOTAC GeForce 9800GT Eco:

* Graphic Processor NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT
* Core Clock: 550 MHz
* 112 stream processors
* Shader block Frequency: 1375 MHz
* 512 MB of GDDR3 memory
* Memory Clock: 1800 MHz
Technology * NVIDIA CUDA, PhysX and PureVideo HD
* Support SLI
* Bus PCI Express 2.0
* Support for DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0, OpenGL 2.1
* Connectors on rear panel: Dual-link DVI + S-Video
* Resolution up to 2560x1600 pixels

As with all graphics cards ZOTAC, the new GeForce 9800GT Eco has extended warranty package.

Source: zotac.com

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gresso Design estimates the USB Drive for $9999

The company Gresso Design, a well-known image products, it seems, has decided to break its own record price of USB-drives. As you know, Gresso Design has released a storage volume of 192 GB, which was estimated at 5000 euros.

Two new products, all of which appeared on the company's website, also belong to the category of flash drives with interface USB.

Pandora Black Models and Pandora Red opened the series, which will be submitted to storage of up to 64 GB. Regardless of volume, the device Pandora Black will cost $ 9999 ((nine thousand nine hundred ninety-nine dollars), and Pandora Red - $ 999.

The high cost producer explains the use of exclusive materials: 200 years of African black wood and 18-carat gold. Building model Pandora Black encase diamond. To make the model Pandora Red was chosen ruby. In other words, the wealthy buyers could choose the storage as a gift.

The devices are equipped with access control system with fingerprint sensor

Source: www.gressodesign.com

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Buffalo offers a new SSD for Eee PC 901

Last autumn, the Japanese company Buffalo submitted a solid drive to notebook ASUS Eee PC 901 a 16 GB (SHD-EP9S16G), which joins a line of SSD, included at the time the model volume 32 and 64 GB.

Some time ago, the range of the two reservoirs have enriched the volume 32 and 64 GB, designed for Eee PC 901. When the weight of 11,5 grams Model SHD-ES9M32G and SHD-ES9M64G sizes are 32,1 x 3,5 x 69,5 mm. In drives using the memory type of MLC NAND.

For those who for whatever reason, does not intend to establish an alternative SSD inside notebook, Buffalo offers the same storage volume of SHD-ES9M32G-UC and SHD-ES9M64G-UC in compact black case designed for external connections via the interface USB.

Claimed top speed of reading and writing at 34 and 28 MB/s, respectively.

Price, depending on the volume is equal to the internal SSD of approximately $ 118 and $ 218, and for outside - $ 130 and $ 229.

Source: buffalo.jp

EVGA has presented four cards on GeForce GTS 250 including fast versions Superclocked

Company EVGA only one range of products based on NVIDIA's new video behind ASUS, which is released at once, five cards in the GeForce GTS 250.

Product line at EVGA GTS 250 consists of:

* GeForce GTS 250, Code 512-P3-1150-TR, the frequency of 756/1836/2200 MHz for core/shader/memory, 512 MB memory GDDR3; price $ 149.99
* GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked, code 512-P3-1151-TR, the frequency of 771/1890/2246 MHz for core/shader/memory, 512 MB memory GDDR3; price $ 159.99
* GeForce GTS 250, Code 01G-P3-1155-TR, the frequency of 756/1836/2200 MHz for core/shader/memory, 1024 MB memory GDDR3; price $ 169.99
* GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked, Code 01G-P3-1156-TR, the frequency of 771/1890/2246 MHz for core/shader/memory, 1024 MB memory GDDR3; price $ 179.99

Prior to the GPU frequency of the fastest versions of the card ASUS GeForce GTS 250 Superclocked 01G-P3-1156-TR lacks just a pair of megahertz, but with the factory acceleration both products with the prefix EVGA Superclocked are quite interesting options for the purchase. However, less than a couple of fast and faster than reference cards (738/1836/2000 (2200) MHz).

A list of accessories to the line GeForce GTS 250 includes a power cord, adapter DVI-VGA, and an instruction CD with software and drivers. The manufacturer recommends that the BP power 450 W for these adapters.

Source: www.evga.com

Apple introduced the new Mac mini

Apple today start selling new models of desktop computer Mac mini, which now, like the MacBook and iMac, built on a set of system logic NVIDIA GeForce 9400M. Previous updates Mac mini dated even before last year, and during that time rumors have not once buried it, but Apple has decided to still release an updated model.

As before, Mac mini is available in two configurations, costing $ 599 and $ 799, which now are only the amount of RAM and hard disk: the youngest model has 1 GB of RAM and hard disk 120 GB, while for older models, these figures are 2 and 320 GB. Both models have the Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, have a 5 port USB 2.0, FireWire 800 port, optical drive and the SuperDrive, two video output - mini Display Port and the mini DVI. Integrated graphics core of NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, according to the company, has five times greater speed than the video card Intel GMA950, used in previous models of Mac mini.

The new Mac mini is not only the most affordable Mac, but also the most energy efficient desktop computer in the world, - said the temporary head of Apple, Tim Cook (Tim Cook). According to the company, the new Mac mini in idle mode consumes only 13 W of energy.

Separately, the company notes the environmental friendliness of new mini - computer storage corresponds to the requirements of Energy Star 4.0, it does not use cables and components are polyvinyl chloride (PVC) retarder burning.

The new Mac mini has been on the market.

Source: www.apple.com

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The company introduced the Gainward Graphics Card GTS 250 2048MB Limited Edithttp://www.blogger.com/post-create.g?blogID=48359094ion of its own design

GTS 250 Graphics Card 2048MB Limited Edition (LE), created by professionals Gainward, according to the company, became the first product on the new GPU NVIDIA with 2 GB of memory.

The main features of video card manufacturer considers three options for the configuration: from 2048, 1024 and 512 MB of memory. The availability of 2 GB of memory, not only guarantees the opportunity to play in all the games, but in those games that are just getting ready for release. To increase the productivity of the modules 2048MB LE uses the memory access time of 0.8 ns. The accelerator is equipped with outputs HDMI, Dual Link DVI and D-Sub.

Among the other advantages of the product drew the attention of high-performance cooling system. Its design includes a radiator with copper heat pipes and fan with two bearings, the speed of which is regulated automatically. The company notes the low level of noise, typical for such a decision.

Video technology supports DirectX 10 and OpenGL, NVIDIA PhysX, CUDA, PureVideo, SLI and 3-way SLI.

The set includes utility EXPERTool, providing information on the graphics processor temperature and fan speeds. With its help, you can control fan speeds, the frequency of the graphic core and memory.

Main technical data Gainward GTS 250 2048MB Limited Edition:

* A graphics processor / stream processor - NVIDIA GTS 250 (55 nm) / 128 SP;
* Core Clock - 745 MHz;
* Shader frequency - 1855 MHz;
* Memory Clock - 1100 MHz (DDR 2200);
* Memory Type - DDR3;
* Memory - 2048 MB.

The fee is designed for installation in slot PCI-Express 2.0, and took two seats.

Source: www.gainward.com

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LG announces trio of high-definition LCD displays: W2253V-PF, W2453V-PF and W2753V-PF

The interest of consumers to the display device, suitable for use with high-definition video, encourages producers to update their product range. South Korean company LG announced the release of three LCD monitors that support the format Full-HD.

The list includes three new models with screens of different sizes. Model W2253V-PF has 22-inch screen, W2453V-PF - 24 inch and over in the line model W2753V-PF - 27 inch.

The matrices used in all three monitors are the same dimensions - 1920 x 1080 pixels. Pixel response time is 2 ms. New entries are D-Sub, DVI-D and HDMI, and support the technology to protect digital content HDCP.

Other features include auto-monitors adjust brightness and contrast depending on the lighting conditions.

In addition to technical characteristics, drew the attention of stylish exterior displays. Sustained in the strict style black lacquered screen setting complemented by a transparent cover plate, serving in the lower part.

New models have been reported on a Japanese site LG. On the emergence W2253V-PF, W2453V-PF and W2753V-PF in the markets of other countries in the data yet.

Source: jp.lge.com

New PDA GETAC to secure the performance of the receiver is equipped with GPS, camera, altimeter and compass

An area of specialization GETAC, a subsidiary of MiTAC Technology, founded in 1989 as a joint venture with GE Aerospace, the computers are in a secure configuration.

Hot new GETAC in this area - completely secure PDA PS535F, equipped with GPS, web-camera, altimeter and compass. The device meets the requirements of standard MIL-STD 810F and rating IP54.

Meeting the challenges of navigation through PS535F facilitate the availability of touch screen measuring 3.5 inches diagonally with a resolution of VGA. Integrated altimeter and electronic compass complement the opportunities provided by the receiver GPS. Features PS535F also include the presence of two wireless interfaces.

Impressive functionality combined with high resistance to external influences make the specified product is a reliable companion who had to work in field, including geologists, foresters and rescuers.

Specifications Getac PS535F:

* Display - 3.5 inch, VGA, touch;
* Processor - Samsung 2450, 533 MHz;
* OS - Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1;
* RAM - 128 MB;
* Flash memory - 2 GB;
* Built-ins: a receiver GPS, 3 MP camera resolution, altimeter, electronic compass;
* Wireless Interfaces: Bluetooth V2.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g;
* Opening hours of battery life - 8 hours;
* Dimensions - 14,5 x 8,1 x 3 cm;
* Weight - 300 g.

Source: www.getac.com

Eurocom D900F Phantom i7 - powerful laptop for all occasions thanks to Core i7, GTX 280M and 1.5 TB of disk space

The company officially introduced the laptop Eurocom Eurocom D900F Phantom i7, the first mobile PC based on the processor Intel Core i7.

Model D900F (according to other sources of D901C) is a laptop-class High-End and will be able to meet the exacting demands for power PC users.

Very briefly describes the manufacturer of your laptop as a High End Mobile Workstation Server Class, because it is built with the use of 4-nuclear processors Core i7 (3.2 GHz) or Xeon X5580 (3.2 GHz), chipset Intel X58, GeForce Go graphics card GTX 280M or Quadro FX3700M and has 1.5 TB of disk space (three SATA-300 drive with support for RAID 0/1/5). This allows the manufacturer to recommend a laptop as a workstation for the work packages in CAD/CAM/CAE, 3D-animation and other demanding tasks.

Novelty can boast of the amount of RAM - up to 16 GB of memory DR3-1366 can be installed in slots SO-DIMM. Laptop Screen - 17", with support for WUXGA 1920x1200 or permission WSXGA + 1600x1050. Graphic subsystem - 1-GB card GTX280M, 9800GTX or Quadro FX3700 for tire 16xPCI-E.

Communication possibilities Phantom i7: card reader 7-in-1; MMC/RS-MMC/MS/MS Pro/MS Duo/SD/MiniSD, USB, a network of Gigabit Ethernet (Realtek RTL8111C) + 802.11a/b/g/n + Bluetooth V2.0 + EDR + 56K V90/92. Other Ports and Connectors: eSATA, IEEE1394a and DVI.

Multimedia features: the optical drive - Blu-ray Burner or DVD Burner to choose from, the presence of 3-MP camera, the port HDMI, HD-audio codec (Azalia + AC97ML3054) 7.1 + port S/PDIF, in the miniPCI slot, you can set the TV-tuner.

As an operating system for the management of laptop offered XP Pro 64-bit, Vista 64-bit, Microsoft Server 2008 or Red Hat. The size of a laptop are 397x298x51-60 mm, weight - 5.4 kg (with 12 cell battery capacity of 6600 mAh). Sales Eurocom D900F Phantom i7 will be even sooner than expected - in April.

Source: eurocom.com

To add Blu-ray support to notebook, you need a little more than hundred dollars

Produced with the descriptive name of USB Portable Blu-ray + DVD Multi Drive and code UPCSF004700, пополнивший recently assortment online shop Brando, enables low-cost mobile computer to add support for a new generation of optical media. Thus, for example, can easily turn a laptop into the player high-definition video recordings - if only to his performance enough to decode the data stream.

Dimensions of drive can be described by the formula 134 x 137 x 20 mm and its weight is 310 g. The compact device is well suited for sharing, not only with the normal size laptops, but with a miniature notebook. To connect the drive to a PC requires a free port USB. Power device may receive from a second USB port or from a network using the adapter (the necessary cables and adapter included).

The drive is able to read discs Blu-ray (list of supported carriers include BD-RE, BD-R and BD-ROM) at a speed of 2X. Speed records are as follows: DVD-RAM - 5X, DVD-R - 8X, DVD-R DL - 2X, DVD-RW - 4X, DVD + R - 8X, DVD + R DL - 2,4 X, DVD + RW - 4X, CD-R - 8X, CD-RW - 8X.

Price devices listed on the site, is $ 109.

Source: usb.brando.com.hk

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coolermaster presents the system of 20 core processor PC

Near the Coolermaster stand at CeBIT, will closely watch it with your own eyes on the system, consisting of twenty-processor cores, many will want.

Five motherboards form factor Mini-ITX processors Core 2 Quad Q9400s producer appropriate in one case ATCS 840.

Meals provided kilowatt power bloom Real Power M1000W with six +12 V supply lines (one for each system and one for optical drives and hard drive).

Apart from the above fit within the shell 10 GB of memory, three 200-mm fans, one 120-mm, and five waterblock.

Of course, Coolermaster not aimed to speed records, and focused on the cooling of the strange exhibits in what has succeeded. After five hours of continuous load of the hottest CPU temperature was only 66 degrees with an ambient temperature of 30 degrees.

Source: vr-zone.com

Friday, March 6, 2009

ASUS at CeBIT 2009 show a new concept motherboard in style "military" - Marine Cool

The event CeBIT 2009 ASUS company will try to leave the competitors far behind, introducing the concept of ... system board. Series products Republic of Gamers (ROG) therefore represents the development of innovative solutions for the enthusiast, and a new board Marine Cool - another proof.

So, following pictures show that Marine Cool is the difference in design from that of conventional circuit boards, or other manufacturers - the elements of the cooling system styled by some military facilities and the very board has a distinctive color.

In addition to actually designing sophistication hallmark is the application fee in the technology micro-porous ceramic. On the board there is a large-size plate, whose role is to rapidly remove heat from the intensely hot parts.

Also in the Marine Cool ASUS engineers have used a new system of heat pipes, which would be better cooling for chipset, and PWM.

Instead of the usual connectors for memory DIMM, there is mounting on the board under the memory slot SO-DIMM, which saved quite a lot of space for the remaining items on the board.

Details about this concept of ASUS, we probably know already, on Tuesday, when the exhibition opens.

Source: anandtech.com

IO Data LCD-MF221XGBR - 21.5" for video, and more effective for the PC

The company IO Data has recently introduced a new monitor, which, according to the manufacturer, is highly effective in three areas: to display the image when viewing video, games, and when his computer.

The new model was designated LCD-MF221XGBR matrix and a diagonal 21.5". Screen meets the requirements of Full-HD video (1920h1080) that allows for viewing on-screen movies with the holders of Blu-ray. View the video on-screen LCD-MF221XGBR contributes ratio screen (16:9) and the connector HDMI, in addition to traditional D-Sub and DVI-D (support HDCP).

Matrix display capable of displaying an image with the parameters of brightness and contrast: 300 nits and 1000:1, respectively (10000:1 dynamic contrast).

Also, this monitor is possible to improve image quality by smoothing (I/P Conversion Circuit), derived from the receiver of terrestrial digital TV signal.

A large diagonal of the model can display on screen a lot of information that can enhance the effectiveness of the work for a desktop PC with the monitor.

The cost of the monitor IO Data LCD-MF221XGBR is $ 227.

Source: www.iodata.jp

Galaxy GeForce GTX 285 gets 3 fan cooler, and a number of changes to improve productivity

If NVIDIA is trying to reduce the price of some of its accelerators average price range, the companies that produce finished products based on the GPU NVIDIA, it seems, have decided to go another way and attract buyers for its non-standard versions of accelerators.

And while on the video card GeForce GTX 285 can not be attributed to the budget or the middle class, the Galaxy have decided to go on the road refinement with the aim of increasing productivity, rather than simplifying the design.

Option accelerator Galaxy GeForce GTX 285 has a power system scheme 4 +2, and digital control PWM, but not 6-phase reference design NVIDIA. VRM controller supports the necessary interface for managing with the help of software.

Card has two BIOS chips on-board EEPROM, which provides more reliable operation of the accelerator and allows you to switch between different profiles, set the speed.

The cooling system is also subjected to change - as an air cooler type selected productive Accelero XTREME GTX production of Arctic Cooling, used also for the adapters on the GPU AMD.

Source: www.vr-zone.com

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Graphics AMD Mobility Radeon HD 4570 appears before the official release in the motherboard of Dell Studio 15

Prior to the submission of a series of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4000 at CeBIT is a few days, and finished products with the graphics subsystem is already emerging from the producers on their official websites. Several mirror sites of Dell has provided complete information on the Studio 15 laptops equipped with such GPU, in particular, Radeon HD 4570.

This mGPU received of the 55-nm graphics processor RV710. Against the backdrop of the integrated solutions that are used today in laptops, it will be fairly quick decision, with 80 stream processors, 8 texture units and 4 rasterization module. Volume GDDR3-or DDR2-memory in the case of Studio 15 at 256 or 512 MB, and connects it to a 64-bit bus. TDP of the GPU around 13 W and the graphics system, as reported by 20-30% faster than NVIDIA G110M.

Notebook Dell Studio 15 series will be supplied in various configurations, in 8 color options for the shell, a screen of 15.4" or 15.6".

Cost of Dell Studio 15 with the screen in 15.4"(code S510207SG) begins with a mark of $ 1549. For this amount the buyer will receive the processor Intel C2D P8600 (2,4 GHz), 2 GB DDR-2 SDRAM, 320-GB HDD, DVD writer drive with slot-loading, the link for Wi-Fi (802.11a/g/n) and graphics Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD, so that the proposed 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 or 512MB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 will have to pay. In addition, as an alternative to the built-schedule of the proposed GPU HD 3450.

In the version of the same mobile PC for U.S. $ 1599 (code S510223SG) accelerator Radeon HD 4570 c 512 MB of memory available base, and 3 GB of RAM, but with less capacity drive - 250 GB instead of 320-GB version. Hand and the display of this model is better - an increase of 0.2 and with support for 720p.

Source: www1.ap.dell.com, www.techpowerup.com