Monday, February 2, 2009

XFX has released a GeForce 9400 GT Fatal1ty

Fatal1ty brand is a growing number of manufacturers of computer equipment and peripherals.

First, the nickname of the famous cyberchampion using Creative, then it joined OCZ, but it is now known that the production of graphic accelerator GeForce 9400 GT Fatal1ty is preparing XFX. Everything goes to the fact that the components of Jonathan Wendell soon it will be possible to assemble a computer.

However, to play with pleasure on such a PC is unlikely to go because the XFX graphics card to play the class is unlikely to apply. It is based on the GeForce 9400 and equipped with 512 MB of RAM DDR2, running at a frequency of 800 MHz.

GPU, with 16 stream processors are clocked 550 MHz.

Thus, the new approach only for the players, accustomed to exhibit minimal graphics settings. However, in Quake 3, where the Fatal1ty was particularly strong power of new items may be enough and in high detail.

Source: Donanim Haber