Sunday, February 8, 2009

Windows 7 will increase competition between notebook and laptops?

Analysts of Pacific Crest Securities tried to assess the effect of the exit of Microsoft Windows OS 7. In their view, the changes in the operating system and its promotion strategy will have an impact on the market of processors notebook computers in general.

One of the issues related to exit Windows 7, reads as follows: how many copies of the new Microsoft OS will be able to sell and at what price? In reviewing one aspect of the answer to this question, the source affects the sales of the OS included with the growing popularity notebook.

We can assume that the price of Windows 7, with sales of notebook will be higher than the price of Windows XP Home Edition. We know that the latter adds to the cost of a mini-computer $ 25. At the same time, the average cost of Windows 7 should not be higher than the average for five years, the cost of other versions of Windows, is $ 50. Thus, concludes the source, it is plausible is the price of $ 35.

Increased prices mean that notebook shift in the upper segment, where they will be eat up Market conventional laptops. It is projected that the industry will sell this year, 28 million notebook. If each of them will be installed copy of Windows cost $ 35, this will lead to an increase in the 2010 fiscal year, the price of Microsoft shares at 2 cents.