Saturday, February 21, 2009

V12 Canova - laptop transformer with two touch screen goes on line

For the first time on the laptop Canova, we learned a couple of years ago, then last summer, that the Italian designer, Valerio Kometti, founder of V12 Design, with headquarters in Milan, is planning to start production of this unusual second-generation mobile PC.

Notebook Italia Italian resource is to get a lot of fresh photos computer Canova and some new information about him, though far from complete.

V12 Canova transforming the computer can act as a tablet for drawing, a multimedia center or be a workstation for its owner. Both of the screen is touch and therefore the possibility of its use is quite extensive.

The main news is that the concept is still a reality - from render pictures of plastic, steel and aluminum it will lead a US company Estar, presented at the time the notebook PC VU DC15-2-based Intel Core Duo, with two screens and price of $ 4350.

She is ready to begin mass production of products developed in the V12 Design. Home made - for the dissemination of information on a computer with an «innovation design and the way user interaction», as it is called the developers have already created the site.

Unfortunately, the technical side of the issue remains a mystery, but reported that the laptop will come into production very soon.