Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tablet PCs Dell Latitude XT2 debuted officially

The first leaked information about the Tablet PC a new generation of Dell Latitude XT2 occurred almost a year ago and just yesterday there were indications that the long-awaited new debut this week.

Today, Tablet PC Dell Latitude XT2 was presented formally. It is the first tablet PC, touch screen which is able to detect multiple touches at once.

As seen in the pictures, the product had been correctly classified as transformed notebooks.

According to refined data, the size of device is 297 x 220.6 x 27.4 mm, not 25.4 x 297 x 218.6 mm, according to some sources.

With 3 cell computer battery weighs 1.64 kg and with 6 cell weighs 1.72 kg. However, the other technical details were announced on the eve of much greater interest is the appearance of the computer and its price.

In the U.S., Dell Latitude XT2 in the base configuration costs $ 2399.