Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recompute - recyclable computer in the main body of cardboard, why not?

Competition Greener Gadgets Design Competition, which will soon be held in New York, will show interesting project designer Brenden Macaluso.

Recompute - a project with which the author proposes to rethink the very idea of constructing and using a desktop computer type during their life cycle.

The main and the principal features of the prototype, which is incidentally a fully PC (for Intel Core 2 Duo with 2 GB of RAM) is the shell, which is very different from most of all saw-beaten enthusiasts and experts - it is cardboard.

This concept has its pluses. For example, when using such material for building saved used for this traditional steel, aluminum, plastic, etc., and with them the time and energy expended in the production of beautiful, expensive buildings.

Instead, the Corps Recompute is made of cheap, corrugated cardboard, which is also easy processing. When building a PC that has all four steps of production process: cutting, gluing, printing and assembly of electronic components (motherboard, the process, memory, BP, and HD).

Recompute can be set, both vertically and horizontally, under any of the sockets is easy to do the slot (see photo to the installation of flash).

At the end of the life cycle of a PC, of course, the processing of the entire electronics require proper procedures, but the building is much easier to rewrite.

As for the possibility of overheating and fire, the worry is hardly worth it. The computer is not fully corked - preserved natural convection of air and the temperature of ignition of cardboard is +258° to -427°C, while the melting point of plastic is +120 °C.

Source: Core77