Friday, February 27, 2009

QNAP: 8 disk NAS server for work and home

QNAP Systems Company introduced a new high-performance networked storage for the corporate users of TS-809 Pro Turbo NAS. TS-809 Pro can also be used as a central drive home users and small offices to employees for the storage and exchange of millions of multimedia files.

The device is based on the Intel Core 2 Duo (2,4 GHz), equipped with 2 GB of memory DDRII, supports eight SATA drives total capacity to 12 TB (16 TB with the presence of 2 TB drives) and provides advanced functionality of RAID: RAID 0/1/5/6/5 + spare, expansion and change RAID levels without power. Among other interesting capabilities is support for iSCSI target devices with the function of the economical distribution of space, 256-bit AES-encrypted in each to automatic IP blocking in accordance with the policies, instant notification via SMS and e-mail and much more.

According to the results of the test IOmeter, conducted in the laboratory of QNAP, speed read/write TS-809 Pro is 126 MB/s and 111 Mb/s, respectively.

TS-809 Pro supports iSCSI target device with the function of the distribution of economic space. To expand capacity or to back up data from a network server, you can connect up to eight iSCSI devices. NAS also supports the functionality of video surveillance station, including the monitoring of real-time playback of video with four IP-cameras. Among the functions of server users access the file server, FTP-server, support for DDNS, www server with phpMyAdmin, Joomla, MySQL, SQLite, PHP, MySQL and print server. All these server functions can be accessed on the platforms, Linux, UNIX, Mac and Windows. TS-809 Pro supports XDove through the mail server platform QPKG, allowing business users to set their mail servers with minimal expenses.

Price new items is 1850 dollars.

Source: QNAP Systems