Monday, February 16, 2009

Palm OS is dead

Ed Kolligan (Ed Colligan), CEO of Palm, more concerned about Pre, than a popular uprising in a patent war with Apple.

A few weeks ago, one of the leaders of Apple has caused a storm of publications, stating that Apple is planning to prosecute all those who try to violate intellectual property rights of creators iPhone. Context statement suggests that the warning was addressed to, primarily, of Palm, announced shortly before the new smartphone Pre. In turn, speaking on an issue-oriented conference in San Francisco, Kolligan made it clear that he heads the company is not inclined to exaggerate the significance of statements made.

Companies accumulate patents to protect their positions, said Kolligan. For 15 years, Palm was able to build a solid defensive line, establishing the company in the industry. In total, the company owns more than a thousand patents related to mobile devices. This allows you to look for a peaceful coexistence with other market participants.

Among other statements Koligana is worth noting the claim that Palm OS "officially dead after her life artificially maintained for about five years". Now focus on Palm devices with WebOS and Windows Mobile.

Source: CNet News